Sunday, October 26, 2008

October is a fun month!

I can't believe Jack is one year old already.
It's like we're old men.
It was nice hanging out with Great-Grandma Mary, Jon, Jenn and the bunch.

It was a beautiful day in Monrovia, a little cloudy, but beautiful. I even got to see Jack have his first cupcake!

I'm just 2 months away from getting one of those!
The very next day.... on October 12, 2008, I turned 10 months old!

I also learned what a "pumpkin" is. We went to the Lombardi Ranch in Bouquet Canyon. It was great! They had so many pumpkins, corn, and gords, that we made out like bandits for under $20. Remind me to ask my daddy what a "20 bucks" is. Sounds like alot of something! I wonder if he will give me some?

They say you get "candy" on halloween. So much to learn, and only two teeth to work with... Stay tuned for the next update!