Friday, December 21, 2007

Faju pays a visit and Great Starts Followup

So this morning, my mommy, daddy and I had a 3rd follow up visit at Kaiser's Great Starts department. I dont remember much of the ride, cause I fell asleep. Great Starts says I'm doing great, and real healthy. I've got a appointment with my pediatrician on the 27th of December. We'll see what the doctor says about me at that time. My mom and dad are taking really good care of me. My grandparents also can't wait to see me. I'm so loved! This is so totally awesome!

Faju payed me a visit on 12/20/2007. He had me all to himself. He's my mommy's dad. Grandpa Mike wants me to call him Pop. Pop is nice and warm, I like hanging out with my Pop. Here's a picture of the two of us:

I got hungry so my mommy fed me again. I love my mommy. It's been great having some home time, and not having to run out to the Great Starts Department at Kaiser. I like being home and being pampered!

My daddy dotes on my alot. he's also warm and fuzzy. Good thing for me!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hanging with my Cousin Jack and the Folks!

Today was a neat day! I got to hang out with my Cuz Jack. Jack and I have been partying so much, we needed our parents to hold us because we were so tuckered out. Jack and I are gonna be great pals as we grow up. We have to figure out how to be awake more than a few minutes so we can hang out more! (pictured below is Jon, Jack's daddy, Alison's brother, and My mommy and me).

This is my Aunt Jenn holding me. Aunt Jenn is very nice. She was making faces at me!

So my proud Daddy and Jack's proud daddy got in on the action too. Aren't we all hunks? Watch out ladies!

Until Next time!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Second hour of LIfe

Hello! Now that my parents have introduced me, I'd like to tell you a little bit about my day so far. I'm 2 hours old, and all four of my Grandparents, Mimi and Poppi (Pat and Mike Livingston) and Tutu and Grandpa Hugh (Marirose and Hugh Dirstine) and Aunt Nora have been waiting anxiously to see my face. Here are the grandparents looking adoringly at me!

Here's Nora being happy she's my aunt. This is the Aunt who's going to teach me photography and art history!

I know I'm adorable, but who knew I'd get som much attention! This is awsome!

Here's my other Aunt Marisa Holding me at Kaiser! Aunt Marisa knows alot about Hawaiian culture. Though learning how to Hula might not be my "thing", I'd like to learn some chants.

There are so many more family members to meet, and I'm only a few hours old. I understand I have a cousin who is only a few months older than I. Can't wait to meet the dude so we can party in the future and compare diaper stories!

First signs of Noah wanting to come into the world...

Hello everyone!

First off, we'd like to thank Jon and Jenn for the blog website and the idea.

We are Jeff and Alison, proud parents of Noah Hugh Dirstine. Since Noah doesn't have the ability to talk yet, Ali and I will be using our vast powers of extrasensory perception to delge into the mind of our infant. In this blog you will find the daily goings on with Noah, and his life adventures. Enjoy reading!

To Begin...

Noah made it known at 4:15am on 12/12/2007 that he wanted to let everyone see his face. Noah's Mom, Alison, started feeling contractions early in the morning, and by 6:15am, Noah's parents decided today was the day. We went to the hospital at 11am after timing contractions for 7 hours, but Kaiser said to go home because there wasn't enough activity. Here is Ali in the observation room.

So, with both Soon-To-Be-Grandmothers present, we all went to Coco's restaurant for some lunch, before we would spend the next 3 hours at Grandma Livingston's house. As the contractions increased, Noah was making it very well known that today was in fact the day and that he would have his 15 minutes of fame. Around 5pm the same day, we rushed back to the hospital, and this time Kaiser admitted her to the Labor and Delivery ward on the 5th floor. Alison was being actively monitored by the L&D staff for blood pressure, contractions, Noah's heart-rate, and much more. She was administered a epidural when the contractions became too tough to bear, and as you can see in the below picture, Alison is feeling quite good.

Noah, when he exploded onto the stage, was a bit upset at the accomodations. He made it quite well known that he would have potential as an Opera Singer later in life.

All Noah wanted was to be close to his mommy and daddy!

Jeff and Alison were very proud that day of the addition to the family.