Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Noah, The Lost Episodes: First Swim of the Season

As promised, Mommy was finally able to get the photos from my first swim of the season off of our other camera so she could share them with you. So I decided to do a "lost episodes" post all about it.
About three weeks ago (June 6, to be exact), it was finally warm enough in Southern California to swim in Tutu and Sir's pool. And boy, did I have fun! Here I am pushing Daddy into the waterfall.
I made sure to test out my new swimming gear in the big pool just to make sure it would be OK for Maui. And guess what? It's perfect!
Daddy helped me motor boat all over the pool. I still know how to kick and blow bubbles. I guess you never forget these things.
Then it was Mommy's turn.
I loved sitting on the side of the pool and jumping into her arms.
Wheeeee! So fun! Oh, hi, Aunt Nora! And Tutu, too!
So I'd say the first swim of the season was excellent and well worth the wait! Two thumbs way up for me!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Yesterday was Father's Day! I celebrated big time with my Daddy. Mommy and I gave him all kinds of fun stuff, including a cool money clip wallet, a game for his DS and a photo of little old me. I also made Daddy this cool "tie" at daycare. I put my hand prints on it and everything. He loved it!
I think I'd like to have this back, Daddy. It's pretty cool.
For Father's Day, we did a little bit of decorating in our garden. We picked up this awesome owl...
This neato butterfly...
And this cool birdbath. Daddy filled it with water so the birdies will have a place to cool off this summer.
I had to make sure the water was in there.
Then I thought I'd check out the sprinklers.
I could almost reach the water without getting completely wet. Pretty ingenious, huh?
Thanks, Daddy, for the gardening fun. You are a pal!
Then it was off to Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn's for more celebrating. Great-Grammy was there. She had lots of treats for Jack and me.
Jack and I had a blast all afternoon. We played with toys in the yard...
I did some chalk drawings...
We caused a Sigalert in the grass...
And did some light reading with Mimi.
I love my cousin Jack! We are such buddies!
Then it was time for a few photos with the Daddies! Here I am with my Daddy. He's the best!
We LOVE being silly together!
Here I am with Pop-Pop. He is definitely much cooler than the rest of us.
And here is Pop-Pop with both of his boys. Cute!
And here are all the "men." Are we handsome or what?
Then it was time for the fun to come to an end. Jack and I got ready for bed by brushing our teeth...
And taking an old fashioned bath.
So Happy Father's Day to all of you Daddies out there and thanks to all of the great guys in my life, especially my Daddy. I am one lucky dude!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pre-Father's Day with the Dirstines

On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day a week early with the Dirstines. Tutu and Sir left today for a two-week cruise in Europe so we had to party before they left.
Here I am with my Daddy. We are such pals. I love him sooooo much!
After a short swim, I hung out on the chaise. We had our first swim of the season the Sunday before but those photos are on another camera. Mommy will have to do a lost episodes on that one soon.
Ella came to Tutu and Sir's house with her Mommy and Daddy, too. I grew out of my pool floatie this year so I thought I'd share it with Ella. She loved it!
Tutu and Sir got her this awesome shady floatie, too. She had fun squeaking the flower and sitting back.
Here's a sweet picture of Ella, Aunt Marisa and Uncle Mike. What a cute family!
After swimming, Aunt Marisa decided to blow us some bubbles. Ella is a master popper and had a blast.
Get those bubbles, little missy!
Aunt Marisa looked like she was having so much fun so I wanted to try to blow bubbles, too. She has this really cool blower and showed me how to use it.
After a few tries, I got it! Check out my awesome bubbles, will ya!
Ella and I had a ball! I even took her around Tutu's yard and showed her my turtle, duck and dog. She's almost walking and I kept saying "come on, Ella" and took her by the hand.
At the end of the day, Ella and I gave each other a big fist pump. OK, so I gave the pump and Ella put out her hand but it's the thought that counts.
So Happy Father's Day, Uncle Mike, Sir and Daddy! It was fun to celebrate the amazing men that you are a week early. Let's do it again this weekend, OK?

Noah 2.5: It's Potty Time

On Saturday, I turned 2 1/2! Cool, huh?
So since I am a big boy now, I decided it was time to kick the diapers and go pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty like all big kids. OK, so I didn't really have a choice in the matter. My daycare is moving me up to the Preschool Class in August and guess what? I have to be potty trained. If you listen closely, you can probably still hear Mommy sobbing a bit. Oh, dear.
So I went back to my old friend the potty. Isn't he cute? No more casually sitting on him before my bath. I have some work to do now.
Mommy made me a neato Potty Chart (don't laugh too hard...Mommy can not draw to save her life). When I go pee-pee or poo-poo in the potty, I get to put a sticker in the box and keep one for myself.
Check out the awesome stickers Mommy got me. Is 2,000 a lot of stickers? Here's the wrinkle though. Mommy cleared out all the stickers from the house. So the only way I get stickers is if I use the potty. This is serious! I better get good at this quick or I might go through sticker withdrawal!
Mommy says I have to keep my eye on the big prize: underwear! We picked out these sweet Thomas ones. I can't wait to wear them. But first things first...
I started out the day wearing my new Pull-Ups. They are quite comfy, if I do say so myself.
So now I had to wait for the pee-pee and poo-poo to come. I hung out with some friends...
...and played with my animals.
Then it was time to sit and try to go. I found some stimulating reading material to peruse while I waited.
By the end of the weekend, I went poo-poo and pee-pee in the potty. And yesterday, I went pee-pee at daycare. Not bad for my few days, right? Daddy says this takes practice so I'm going to keep at it. I'll let you know how it goes...
On another note, Daddy figured that if I was going to start potty training, I better have more suitable sleeping arrangements. So while Mommy and I were shopping, he converted my crib into a toddler bed.
When I woke up from my nap, I discovered the change. I think I like it. I had a bit of trouble the first night (a bit of a mishap with my lovely falling out of bed and me not being able to find it) but by last night, I had slept through the night no problem.
So there you have it. A big weekend full of firsts! I think I'll get my driver's license next...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back Yard Pool Fun!

Saturday was such a nice day that we decided to visit Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Jack at their house. Everything was quiet (well as quiet as they can be with two toddlers in the house) until somehow pools came up in the course of the adult conversation and BINGO! Jack and I wanted to swim.
So Uncle Jon pulled out the water stuff and we were off and running. Literally. Check out my new pool gear. Am I ready for Maui or what?
Jack was so excited that he jumped right in with his shirt still on. Silly Jack. I loved the squirty pool a lot. It has a sun and monkey and dolphin and everything. I made sure everyone knew about them so I mentioned it about 50 times.
We also discovered we could splash with our feet. Awesome! Except we both slipped, fell in the water and got our bums wet. Hee, hee!
Then we moved over to the wading pool. Jack showed me that drinking the water can be fun.
So we drank it together.
Jack started to get tired so I was left to entertain myself. I realized that I could take off my hat, get it wet and then put it back on my head. It's the little things...
Here's Jack taking a break with his Mommy. Swimming can take a lot out of a little guy.
Finally, it was time for lunch. Jack and I shared a chair and lots of kisses, of course. Here's Jack in mid-smooch!
Thanks for the fun morning, Jack! Let's do it again really soon...