Thursday, April 29, 2010

Noah the Photographer?

The other day, Mama gave me an empty paper towel tube and I loved it. I was using it as a telescope and Mama thought I was super cute. So she thought she'd take a few photos. Fat chance, Mama! Here's the look I gave her right before I snatched the camera from her hands. What's a Mama to do? Let the 2-year-old take some photos, right? Not like she had much choice. I was pretty persistent.

The following photos were taken by me.
Here's the living room. I call it "Controlled Clutter."
Here's a shot of the backyard. Kinda moody. A very artistic photo of my easel. Check out the motion effect.
Hey, there's Mama!
And Dada, too!
Then I thought I'd attempt a self portrait. Here's my first try. Ooops, my hand was in the way...
A little better...
Not too shabby.

So do I have a future in photography? With a bit more practice I'll soon be snapping like a pro!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mama and Dada!

Last Wednesday we celebrated Mama and Dada's fifth wedding anniversary! It's on April 22 you know. All of my grandparents came out to our neck of the woods to help us party. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Don Cucos, for some delicious grub.

Here I am with my parents. Thanks for getting together so I could be born!
I started to get bored pretty quick so my wonderful Pop-Pop took me on several walks around the restaurant and outside, too. Everyone would see Pop-Pop walking by the window but I was too short to be seen. So it looked like he was taking himself for a walk. Hee, hee.
Then I spend some time with my Tutu. Gotta love her!
I decided she needed a few more chips so I fed them to her.
Then I got very seriously interested in photos of myself on Sir's iPhone. Wow did I get in there?
And no evening would be complete without a few stickers. Mama and I got super creative. What do you think?

So as you can see, a fun time was had by all. Thanks, Mimi, for taking all of these great photos and sharing them with with us. That's probably why you aren't in any of them.

Happy anniversary, Mama and Dada! We all love you!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun with Tutu and Sir

Tutu and Sir came up to our house yesterday afternoon for a visit.
Tutu brought me a new electronic friend. We're calling him "Aloha Alligator." He sings and dances, too. Here I am checking him out.
I was a bit nervous so I had to suck my thumb. What are you hiding behind those sunglasses, buddy? My frog helped me make sure he was legit.
After a few minutes, this alligator and I were fast friends. I pushed his play button about 100 times.
And I even gave him a big hug.
Of course I had to get my groove on to his awesome tune.
Oh, yeah! Let's boogie!
Here's a little video of my dancing. Enjoy!
Later, I took a walk around the living room on Sir's feet.
Thought you might want to see a video of that, too.
And we played elevator, too! Sir walked the course while playing golf that day but I thought he needed an extra workout.
What a great afternoon! Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for the alligator and a fun day. By the way, he gets to live at their house at Mama's request. She says we don't have any more vacancies for electronic friends at our joint. Hee, hee!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend at Mimi and Pop-Pop's House

This weekend, Mama and Dada went on a cruise to Mexico for their fifth anniversary. So I stayed with Mimi and Pop-Pop at their joint. Mimi and Pop-Pop were good enough to document the whole weekend so we could share it with you.
On Friday morning when I arrived, I made myself right at home, as you can see.
Here I am enjoying my breakfast on Saturday morning. Bobee hung out under my chair just in case I dropped something good to eat.
Then I thought I'd check out her new doggie door. I almost fit!
Then I took a nice long nap with Pop-Pop.
Then it was off to Jack's house for some cousin fun!
It almost looks like I was doing the hugging in this picture.
We played outside in the sandbox...
Then did a fashion show with out lovies...
And we wore funny hats. Well Jack wore the hat and I watched.
Then it was off to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Everything was going fine until Pop-Pop wouldn't let me play under the table. In this photo Jack was saying, "It's OK, Noah. Ice cream coming."
Then Jack was all smiles...
And we had each other cracking up...
Then we went back to Jack's house for a quick story...
A bit of fun with Uncle Jon...
And of course bath time!

On Sunday, I went to mass with Mimi and Pop-Pop.

Then Jack came to visit us. Aunt Jenn entertained us with a story or two.
Then it was off to Great-Grammy's for dinner. We played with all our electronic friends...
And piled all our toys up on Aunt Jenn. Nothing like your good buddy to help keep your mind off your Mama and Dada, huh?
On Monday morning, I played a bit of piano while I waited for Mama and Dada to come home.
And finally they were home!

Then I was all packed up and ready to go. Thanks so much, Mimi and Pop-Pop, for taking such good care of me. I had a blast! Let's do it again next weekend!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Celebration 2010

We spent this afternoon at Tutu and Sir's house to celebrate Easter! Everyone was there: Mama, Dada, Tutu, Sir, Aunt Nora, Aaron, Mimi, Pop-Pop, both of my Great-Grandmas, Aunt Mary, Aunt Marisa, Uncle Mike, Cousin Ella, Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Cousin Jack. It was a packed house!
We did a great Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Aunt Nora and Aaron did the hiding and Jack, Ella and I did the seeking. Jack and I had lots of practice so we knew exactly what to do. I looked for eggs at daycare on Friday and Jack went to a city-sponsored egg hunt yesterday. We were primed!
Here I am finding an egg...
...and another...'s one more...
...almost missed this one..., these eggs are everywhere!
Jack was very good at finding eggs, too!
Good job, buddy!
Here's a little video of Jack and I in action. I kept saying "over there" and Jack got some help from the egg hiders. Hee, hee!
And even little Ella got into the act.
Not bad for her first hunt!
Finally, we had found all the eggs. Whew!
Here I am with my parents. Notice I was much more interested in the Cheerios hiding in this egg than getting my photo taken. I have priorities, people!
Here's Jack with his Mama and Dada. Adorable! Is that a paparazzi hand in the photo? Those guys are everywhere!
And here are Tutu and Sir with their grandbabies. Are we cute or what?
And we tried to take a photo of Mimi and Pop-Pop with their grandbabies but Jack got away before Dada could snap all four of us. Oh well!
What a wonderful and blessed Easter with all of our family! Let's do it again next year!