Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Trip to Kids Space...Yahoo!

Most of you already read about my first trip to Kids Space on Sunday with Cousin Jack on his blog but I wanted to give you my perspective on the afternoon adventure. I had a lot of fun in the soft room for little kids. They had lots of awesome animal toys...I was hooked right off the bat!
Then I moved on the to magnet wall. Mama and I made pictures using shapes. I loved it!
They also had lots of soft toys, like these dragon bowling pins. Very fun to knock down over and over. I definitely became "Noah the Focused"!
Jack had been to the museum tons of times. He showed me exactly what to do. Thanks, buddy!
After the soft room, we went outside to the water table. I had fun pouring water through this wheel over and over and over until Mama had to drag me away. I guess there was more to see...
Inside they had this awesome climbing thing that went all the way through the ceiling. I was brave enough to climb about a quarter of the way up. Then I got scared and had to come down. I'm only 19 months old so I thought it was a great first attempt.
All in all, a fabulous afternoon was had by all. Thanks for inviting Mama, Dada and me, Cousin Jack. We'll come back with you anytime!

Introducing Ella Grace...

My new cousin is finally here!
Auntie Marisa and Uncle Mike (my godparents) are the proud parents of Ella Grace. She was born on Friday, July 24, at 10:23 a.m. after a very long and hard labor (is 36 hours a long time?). She was a whopper, weighing in at 7 lbs. 13 ozs. and 19.5 inches long. We all went to visit her in the hospital on Saturday evening.
Here's Mama with her new niece. I was a bit jealous so I had to leave the room for a bit. Not sure I was ready to share my Mama just yet...
And here she is with her uncle, my Dada...
Here are my Tutu and Sir, the proud new grandparents...
And here is the new little family. Priceless!
So welcome to our crazy family, Ella Grace. I promise to be a good big cousin and show you how to do lots of cool stuff. I'm so glad you are here! Good bless you and your Mama and Dada. We all love you so much already!

My First Haircut! Yikes!

Hello, Everyone!
On Saturday it was finally time for my very first haircut. Dada found me a really great children's barber called Gumball Alley and we headed over to cut my hair. I wasn't nervous one bit. As you can see, the chair was actually a car so I felt very comfy. Also my stylist, Myra, was so pretty and you know how much I like pretty girls.
Anyhoo, Myra started in the back. I finally lost the rest of my "tail"...
Then she fluffed me up and cut the top...
I even let her use the buzzer behind my ears so I got a really great cut.
So haircuts? Not so bad in my book. I'd do it again.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Toddler-Sized Furniture Just for Me!

Hi, everyone!

On Saturday, Mama and Dada decided it was time to get me some of my own toddler-sized furniture. So we headed out to Ikea and picked up a few gems. Here I am in my new lounger. It reminds Mama of the chair Will Smith sat in during "Men in Black." Whatever, Mama. All I know is I look so cool!
I also got a table and chairs. Here I am sitting pretty in one of my new chairs. Dada did all the building and I supervised.
Then I decided to get in there and do my part. Here I am helping Dada put together the table.
All finished! Fits me like a glove, don't you think...
I also got a cool new tent. I brought in lots of blankies and made myself right at home. Here I am with Mama watching "Yo, Gabba Gabba!"
And last but not least, we picked up some new toy bins for our downstairs play area. About three seconds after Mama got it all set up I had already figured out how to remove all my stuff. What can I say, I'm a busy guy.

So have a super week, everyone! I'm getting a haircut on Saturday (yikes!) and going to Kidspace with Cousin Jack on Sunday so I will have lots to share next week. Stay tuned...

Lost Sticker...Reward!

On Friday, my teacher Miss Magdalena, gave us all stickers for being so good at daycare. But I've somehow lost mine. Alas! If you've seen my sticker, please let me know. I'm putting up three fishy crackers and a handful of Cheerios as a reward!

(Note from Mama: When I picked up Noah from daycare on Friday, he and all of his classmates had a sticker on their foreheads. I almost died. I asked why and was told that if they put the sticker on their shirt, most kids Noah's age will take it off and eat it. Then they will cry because their sticker is gone. So this way, they can see that everyone has a sticker and feel special but soon forget that they have it on their forehead and it works for everyone. Toddler logic is amazing, huh? Thought you'd all get a kick out of this one. I sure did.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Post From Mama...

Hi, everyone!

Noah's Mama here. So I don't have any photos of Noah this week. Sorry about that. We had all the grandparents over for a BBQ on Sunday and we were all so busy that we forgot to take pictures. Oh well...I promise double pictures from this coming weekend.

In the meantime, I wanted to ask everyone a big favor. As you all know, I work at Braille Institute here in Los Angeles and we have just begun to get into the social networking arena. We now have pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are so inclined, and you have exisiting accounts on these sites, I hope that you will become a fan of our organization and follow us. We have a goal of reaching 1,000 Facebook fans by the end of September so every fan counts. You can find links to our online community pages on our Web site at the bottom of the home page at

Thanks so much for your support! I hope everyone has a super week!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

On Saturday, we went to Tutu and Sir's house to celebrate the 4th of July. Mimi, Pop and Great-Grammy Mary came, too! By the way, happy birthday, Great-Grammy! I love you sooooo much!

I was all ready for the festivities. I even wore a hat that I made at daycare. I am definitely an "All American Boy"!
There was lots of yummy food. I tried potato chips for the first time and LOVED them. Mimi couldn't give them to me fast enough.
I also found lots of decorations in Tutu's garden and decided to redecorate a bit. I'm kind of into moving things from one place to another these days (definitely for another post).

But the best part about the day was my swim in the big pool with Dada (actually, everyone took me for a cruise around the pool). I am getting really good at kicking and even tried floating a bit. Fun, fun, fun!

So happy 4th of July, everyone! And happy birthday to the USA! See you again very soon...

Fun in My New Pool (?)

Hi, Everyone!

I hope everyone had a super 4th of July Weekend (that post will be up very soon)!

I decided to kick off the weekend on Friday by testing out my new pool under the shade of our wonderful new patio cover. When I first got in, it was not bad...
Then I tried to sit down. Big mistake...
OK, so that was enough of the pool for one day. Get me out of here, Dada! It's too big and wet and I'm all alone. I want to swim with you next time...