Sunday, May 29, 2011

Legoland Adventure: Day 2

We started our second day at Legoland on Monday bright and early!
Here we are standing in front of the big sign. We were ready for a day of adventure for sure!

I had my game face on and everything. Grrr!

Our first stop was Pirate Cove. We picked up this awesome hat and sword. I LOVED them! And wore the hat most of the day, as you will soon see...

One of our first rides of the day was a boat. I steered and Mommy hit the gas.

It was a bit scary with me driving but we managed to make it back to dry land in one piece.

Then I caught this shark! It's almost as big as Pop-Pop's fish, I think.

Then Daddy and I flew this airplane.

Wheee! Hi, Mommy!

After my flying lesson, Daddy and I decided to put out a few fires. This fire engine was powered by Daddy. You can't see me because I am sitting pretty in a big comfy seat. Hee, hee!

Here we are manning the hose. We were awesome firemen!

On the way back, Daddy got some "assistance" from the ride attendant. It was hard work!

Then it was time for me to drive a car. All by myself. It was very hard to remember to steer and push the gas at the same time. I only got about a quarter of the way around the track but I tried my best and felt very proud. If you look closely, you can see Daddy coaching me from behind the fence. What a guy!

After my driving adventure, Mommy and I drove a helicopter! It was fun! Hi, Daddy!

We went really high and could even spin around. It was a blast!

Then it was time for a little train ride. Daddy and I had to wait in line so we practiced our best pirate faces for Mommy. Arrrr!

Oh, boy, a train! Daddy and I were all ready!

The train was the best! I mean look at that awesome Lego corn, will ya.

After the train, I spent a few minutes playing in the Duplo kiddie area. The slide was the best, as you can see.

After lunch, we were off for more fun! Our next ride was a storybook boat. I had to wear my pirate hat for this one.

Oh, boy, look at all those books. This is going to be a great ride!

Hey, there are the three little pigs. But where is the wolf?

There he is, huffing and puffing away. Or as I like to say "hupping and pupping."

There's Prince Charming on his noble steed. He even had a cell phone. I think he was calling for a pizza. Silly!

We also saw Sleeping Beauty...

And Little Red Riding Hood and her "grandma." It was quite a ride!

On our way to our next ride, we saw this neat triceratops. He looked almost real to me!

Then Mommy and I were off on a safari adventure! Ooooo, are those zebras? Cool!

The ride moved a bit too fast to take pictures but we saw lions, pandas, elephants, gazelles and more. It was neat! Daddy caught a photos of us at the end of the ride. Whew, we made it!

Then we went back to Miniland USA to see some models we had missed the day before. The best part was Washington, D.C. There were memorials...

And more memorials. The Washington one was particularly cool.

Here's the Capitol Building. Awesome!

And even the White House. If you look really closely you will see Secret Service guys on the roof. Neat!

We even saw President Obama and The First Lady riding down the street in a limo.

Finally, we were off to see the new Star Wars models. It's the newest attraction at the park. Looks like Mommy and Peanut were excited!

They had this cool sand sculpture at the entrance. We loved it!

The exhibit included replications of many popular scenes from the movies. There was the Millennium Falcon...

And the At-Ats in Hoth...

And the Ewoks' tree houses on Endor.

There were lots of those cool buttons to push in this area, too. I think I pushed them all. Cool, huh, Daddy?

Us boys couldn't resist taking a photo with a life-sized replica of Darth Vader.

A highlight of the afternoon was visiting the model workshop. This is where they make all the cool Lego models you see all over the park. Neat!

After all that fun, it was time to take a break with an ice cream cone. Oh, boy! Here's Mommy bringing us our treats.

It was delicious!

What a great day, huh? We sure had fun at Leogoland! I can't wait to come back again very soon.

Stay tuned for day three of our Carlsbad trip...

Legoland Adventure: Day 1

On Sunday, we began our Legoland Adventure! Oh, boy, I was so excited! I had been talking about this trip for weeks and weeks and I could hardly believe that we were finally on our way. Yeah!

On the way down to Carlsbad for three days of fun, we stopped at the South Coast Plaza to eat lunch at The Rainforest Cafe. I liked it but the jungle noises bothered me a little bit. I had to keep my eyes on all those gorillas, elephants and such. They were shifty.

We sat right next to the waterfall. It was so cool.
But the best part was getting this neat balloon from the balloon lady. It's a monkey on a palm tree complete with bananas and everything. Of course I popped part of the tree before we even made it to the car. We have our memories and this photo as a reminder, thank goodness.

We finally arrived at our hotel. Hurray! After getting settled, we decided to check out Legoland for a few hours. So off we went!

Hotel guests have their own entrance to the park at the very back. So we started out in Castle Hill. There was this awesome play area with slides and tunnels. Boy, I already love this place!

My first official ride was this horse. I got to ride all by myself. I waved at Mommy at the end. What a blast!

After the horse ride, Daddy and I stopped for a photo in these locks. Good thing Mommy had the key or we'd still be there.

Then we made our way down to Miniland USA. There are many many models of American streets on display and guess what? They are all made completely out of Legos. Oh, boy, let's check them out!

Our favorites were the Hollywood Bowl...

Mann's Chinese Theater...

And Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Hey, I think that's San Francisco! Cool!

Wow, these models are so neat! Let's look at a few more, Mommy!

Ooooo, a farm! This one even had some buttons to push. The buttons made things move and talk on the models. I loved them, of course.

Did I tell you that I loved the buttons? Just checking. I made sure to find all of them that I could. The folks had to pry me away from them. Silly!

After Miniland, we went on a harbor cruise. Daddy and I were ready.

There were Lego animals like this lovely elephant.

And cool models like the Eiffel Tower...

Mount Rushmore...

The Taj Mahal...

And even a cool octopus band. Awesome!

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to Legoland for the day. See you tomorrow...