Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stormy Weather (Well, Sort of...)

Today it rained. Well it sort of rained. In true Southern California fashion, it rained overnight and spritzed a bit this morning. I was prepared, though. Great-Grammy Mary bought me this awesome rain coat and I decided to wear it to daycare anyway.
Unfortunately, Mama couldn't get me to take my thumb out of my mouth long enough to take a decent photo. Oh, well.
The back is the best part. It has a cool fire truck on it. Neat! Maybe it will rain again soon and I can wear all my rain gear. If you remember, I have neato frog boots that I got for my birthday from Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Cousin Jack, so I'm all set when it rains for real. A Southern California boy can dream, can't he?

Identical Cousins?

Hi! We had a great visit with Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Cousin Jack at Mimi and Pop-Pop's house on Saturday. Great-Grammy was there, too! After our usual bath, which was extra splashy, we discovered that we had brought our matching jammies that Mimi gave us for Christmas. What a surprise! So we just had to take a few shots in our favorite chair. I can't believe how alike we look, can you? Enjoy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Day...2010 Is Here!

On New Year's Day, we spent the day with Mimi. We watched the parade and ate lots of waffles. I ate a whole one all by myself! When I woke up from my nap, Cousin Jack was there! Cool! We watched a bit of Yo Gabba Gabba with Uncle Jon and Great-Grammy while sharing a fine beverage.
Then we relaxed on the big chair...
...and shared a cute cousin moment.
Then we played with our new laptop with Great-Grammy and had a wonderful homemade pot pie dinner. Thanks, Mimi! Boy, what a day!
I hope all of you made some great New Year's resolutions this year. Mine was to be less obsessed with stickers, which I promptly broke the next day. Oh, well, there's always next year. Have a great 2010, everyone! I know I will...

New Year's Eve Bash

Happy New Year! I got to ring in the new year in style this year. I got ready by brushing up on my sticker skills.
We were going to Mimi and Pop-Pop's house that evening to celebrate and I had to be sure I could handle the stickers. See Mimi has lots of stickers at her house and I've been a little bit obsessed with stickers. OK, a lot obsessed. I down right love them. I pull them out of books, off of sheets and just about anything with a sticker on it. I even pull off the sticker skeletons. Waste not, want not, right? Then I hold them in my thumb sucking hand (while sucking my thumb, of course) until they lose their stickiness. Then I wipe them off on my clothes. Then I get a new sticker and start all over again. I've been at it for a a while in this picture. My jammies are covered in stickers. Hee, hee!
Mimi was having a little party with some of her friends that evening. Pop-Pop was on a long fishing trip so we wanted to make sure Mimi had lots of company. So Mama, Dada and I went down to join in the fun and spend the night. When I got there, Great-Grammy and I played with this train. Choo, choo!
Then I called for Bobbee through her doggie door. I kept saying "Baabaa, Baabaa." Too cute, huh?
Then I decided to man the bar so I took a seat on the cooler for a while, until someone shooed me off because they wanted a soda. Rude!
I then passed the time coloring. Mimi got this big coloring book with jungle animals complete with, you guessed it, stickers! See, I told you there would be stickers. Good thing I practiced.
Then I decided to eat the blue crayon so my coloring adventure was done for the night. Awww!
Then it was getting close to my bedtime so I blew on a blower since I would be missing
midnight. These things are pretty fun!

Here's a cute little video of Mimi showing me how to do it. Thanks, Mimi!

Well, I sure enjoyed New Year's Eve. Hope you had a good one, too!