Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Ate ALL My Lunch!

Hi, everyone!

We had a pretty quiet weekend at our house so no new photos of me doing wacky things. But I had an excellent day at daycare yesterday that I want to share with you.

As many of you may know, I have a very narrow palette, meaning that I eat a few things regularly and very rarely try new things with success. What can I say, I have texture issues. Plus I'm a toddler so I'm supposed to be quirky. My teacher, Miss Magdalena—God bless her—has been working super hard to get me to try new foods like the other kids. Mama used to pack me a lunch but all the other kids ate the food that the school makes so I would protest and refuse to eat my packed lunch. So they all thought that if they offered me the school food I would succumb to the peer pressure and eat it. But this has not worked to the adults' advantages so far. Mama gets reports from Miss Magdalena like, "ate none" or "refused" or "no way." What can I say, I'm a complex toddler.

So cut to yesterday...Mama arrived and the director, Miss Edna, greeted her at the door with some serious smiles and said, "you won't believe what happened today?" Mama picked up my daily report and it said, "chicken nuggets: ate all, bananas: ate all, mashed potatoes: ate all, corn: ate none." Miss Magdalena finally got me to eat almost everything! She was so proud! "Three out of four is not bad," she told Mama. OK, so I did not eat the corn but veggies are definitely not my favorite so let's take this one step at a time, people. So Mama kissed me and hugged me and almost kissed Miss Magdalena, too. How embarrassing! So maybe I will eat almost everything today, too. You can never be too sure with us toddlers...

Oh, in the photo above I am eating snacks from my new Poo-Poo Platter (you know, it's the fun appetizer platter you get at Chinese restaurants...Mama will do anything to get me to eat). Mimi gave me this neat food tray for Valentine's Day and it has little compartments perfect for snacks! Smart Mimi! So Mama just keeps filling it with snacks that I like (you know crackers, yogurt melts, puffs, freeze dried fruits, etc.) and often gets me to try new healthy snacks without me really paying much attention. So I just walk over when I'm feeling the munchies and eat a few tidbits. What can I say, I've got all these adults wrapped around my tiny little finger. Hee, hee!

Have a super week, everyone! And happy fourth anniversary to Mama and Dada tomorrow!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Punk Rock Toddler?

I came home from daycare especially dirty on Wednesday afternoon. Hey, I'm a boy and I play hard outside so you'd expect me to get a bit dirty, right?

So my hair was REALLY sticky and yucky (Note from Mama: Thank GOD it was bath night! Wow!) so Dada thought I should try out a new look...
Am I a mohawk kind of guy? I'm not so sure. Check out the side view...pretty hip, right? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think...

Have a great weekend, my peoples! Rock on!

Up, Up and Away...

Mama went to a baby shower at work on Tuesday and brought me home some balloons. Even though they were pink and purple (it was a shower for a girl baby, people), I LOVED the balloons just the same. Enjoy this video of my balloon adventure...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Here I am with Mama and Dada on Easter Sunday at Tutu and Sir's country club. We had a really cool brunch after church and even saw that Easter Bunny guy. He brought me some cool Little Peoples and a scooting bunny toy. He also brought me a neat ceramic basket that Mama says he will use every year from here on out to leave me a special surprise. She says it will be our tradition. Sounds neat to me!

So OK, I guess I believe in the Easter Bunny. What's next? I hear there's a fairy that comes around and steals little kids teeth in the middle of the night. Wow, sounds kind of gruesome...that one HAS to be fake, right?! That's for another post for sure...

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter! Love to all of my fans out there in cyberspace. See you again soon...

Eggs, Eggs and an Egg Hunt!

Hidee ho, everyone!

On Saturday, Mama, Tutu, Sir and I colored Easter eggs. I was plenty skeptical of this new venture and decided after much debate that I would supervise the whole operation and have a snack instead of getting my hands dirty. Emily Rose's Mama is probably saying that my Mama chickened out of letting me do the coloring (Note from Mama: She'd be right...maybe next year, Allison) but I had fun just the same.
Here are our eggs in the dye. What happens next?
Here's Tutu taking out the first egg. Wow, it was white and now it's blue. Fascinating...
Wow, you guys are good at this. These are some pretty neat Easter eggs. What do we do with them now? Mama says that's the age-old question...she says you're supposed to make egg salad sandwiches the next day. Sounds weird to me but OK.

Then it was time for an Easter Egg Hunt! I'm not too sure what that is but I'm willing to try anything.
Here's Tutu "hiding" the eggs...
So you go around and pick up the eggs and put them in the basket. I can do that...
Look, I found some more, Tutu! This is fun! I have one for each hand...
Wow, there's stuff INSIDE?! Bonus! Let's try some...
Wow, that's a lot of eggs, Mama! Let's do this again next year, OK?

Now we're supposed to wait for this Easter Bunny character to come and bring us stuff on Easter morning. If he's anything like Santa Claus, I'll have to see it to believe it...

Golfin' Fun With Tutu

Hi, Party People!

This last weekend we went to Tutu and Sir's desert house in La Quinta (that's Dada's Mama and Dada).

On Friday, Tutu and Sir's new golf cart arrived so Tutu, Mama and I took it for a spin down to the driving range. Oh, the house is on a golf course and we can wave to golfers from the patio if we want.
Mama and I watched Tutu take a few swings. Tutu is an excellent golfer and her balls went really far!
Then Mama took a few shots, too. She's not a golfer but she did OK in my book.
Then I noticed a whole bunch of awesome white balls just sitting there in a pile waiting for me to pick them up. I had to take two home with me—one for each hand, of course. Hopefully the golf police won't arrest me for stealing balls. I'm a fugitive!

The next day is Holy Saturday. Mama says we are going to color eggs and do an egg hunt. Don't know what those are yet but I'm sure I'll find out. Ta-ta for now!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remind You of Rockem Sockem Robots?

So I have these cushie blocks that have triangles and squares and circles and things inside of them. On Saturday I was just casually playing with them and realized that I could carry them much easier if I wore them. Seriously, I figured this out on my own (Note from Mama: Yes, he definitely did). I'm a genius!
Only trouble is it's hard to get up if you sit down.
Uh oh, I think I'm stuck.
I little help here, people. OK, so maybe not the BEST idea I've had. I'll work on it and get back to you...

Blue Suede Shoes? Well Almost...

Hi, everyone! Thought you might like to see my new sneakers. Sweet, huh?
Here I am at home on Friday testing them out. Mama was there to record the moment. I've been wearing them for a whole week and so far so good. I've almost given up crawling for good except when I'm especially tired.
I've found that sticking out my tongue helps me with my balance. I've yet to test this theory in a scientific setting but it works for me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Splish Splash, I Was Takin' A Bath

My Cousin Jack posted an awesome video on his blog this week of him splashing in the bath. I don't have video but I do have some sweet photos of how I shampoo these days.

For those of you who have been following my blog since I was a newborn, you've probably noticed that I have been lacking in the hair department. Just recently my hair has begun to grow thicker. Cool, huh?!
I actually have enough to spike! Am I sexy or what?!
And check out the little tail I've got going. My Pop says my "mullet" has to go and that he would take care of it for me in one cut. But Mama says it's adorable so I guess it stays for now.

By the way, right after these photos were taken I proceeded to splash like crazy (fortunately the cameras were not rolling for that one). My Dada says he needs to wear a rain slicker from now on. Hey, I'm a toddler and I finally enjoy taking a bath. Deal with it.

This is my LAST catch up post. Yeah! So I promise to have Mama and Dada take current photos of me this weekend so we will start posting in the moment. Stay tuned...