Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picky Eater No More?

This is the face of a VERY picky eater. For those of you who have been loyal blog followers of mine, you know that I have about six things that I eat on a regular basis. Mommy has been working hard to get me to try new things, pretty much since I was a year old. Then at my three-year-old check up, my pediatrician said that I'm a bit wee and could stand to gain a few pounds and grow a few inches. Easier said than done, right? Then last night, Mommy had a break through of sorts.
She made me this peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the shape of a cowboy hat, just like the one my friend, Woody, wears. Good thing she has a bucket of 100 cookie cutters in the pantry and there was a cowboy hat shape. Whew! Hum, I bet you're wondering why I chose the cowboy hat shape? Let's see...

That guy is everywhere! Nuf said.
Mommy also made me a couple of chicken nuggets and gave me my old favorite, mac 'n cheese, as a side dish rather than the main course. And guess what? I ate the entire sandwich and about one whole nugget. Wow, right?!

Here's a video of me eating the sandwich just in case you do not believe me. Enjoy!

Then today at school, Miss Kitty told Mommy that I ate an entire hot dog for lunch. Then tonight, I ate another sandwich for dinner. So I guess I'm turning into a big boy right before your eyes! I might even grow a few inches and gain a few pounds over night. A Mommy can only hope.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bob Hope Classic Weekend

We just spent a long weekend at Tutu and Sir's desert house for the annual Bob Hope Classic. It takes place at several local La Quinta golf courses and at a few of the courses right in the PGA West grounds. Cool, huh? The golfers, including pros, amateurs and celebrities, go right by Tutu and Sir's backyard. So we have this view of the action.
We did a lot of walking around to watch the golfing taking place at other holes. You're not supposed to take pictures anywhere near the fairways so this is the only shot you get of us walking.
As if the golf was not enough, Tutu and Sir got me this awesome new track system and cars. You can bend and twist the tracks any way you like. It is really something! Here I am testing it out...
Then I realized that the cars would run on the tile so I did that, too.
We spent most of the weekend lounging on the back porch taking in all the sites and eating lots of yummy food. Auntie Da came, too. It sure was nice spending time with her!
I also discovered these cool binoculars (I called them "noculars"). I used them to look for Daddy.
There you are!
It took me a while to focus on the golf action. Is this the right way?
OK, getting better...
Ah-ha! Now I can see. Is that DJ Lance Rock? Oh, no, it's just Bo Jackson. He knows golf, you know.
Boy this watching golf thing is pretty neat. I have to remember to be really quite, though. Wouldn't want to disturb the golfers' concentrations.
Oh, and did I mention that I ate A LOT of chips this weekend? I probably ate about three bags, much to Mommy's dismay. Yummy!
And I also got hooked on iPad. Tutu has this neato fairies app on hers and Daddy has all my favorite shows on his. At one point I cried because I wanted to keep playing and not put on my jammies and get ready for bed. Hee, hee! Here I am watching "The Fresh Beat Band" while Mommy, Tutu and Auntie Da went to the spa for some pampering. I stayed home with the boys.
So there you have it...another awesome Bob Hope Classic and a great weekend with my grandparents! Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for having us! It was a blast!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Catching Up With Noah

So sorry we haven't posted in two weeks! Yikes!
Unfortunately, those little germmie sponges at daycare that I call friends gave me a super yucky cold. So I spent last weekend sick, sick, sick. I even had to stay home on Monday with Tutu and Tuesday with Mimi. Thank goodness for my loving and caring grandmommies...they were the BEST medicine. I even missed a spaghetti dinner at Great-Grammy's house. Now that's sick, people!
I finally felt better mid-week. Just to prove it, I settled in to read the Los Angeles Zoo Annual Report. OK, so I just liked the photos of the animals.
Wow, can't wait to see that new elephant exhibit everyone's talking about. Maybe in a few weeks...
Anyway, I was feeling well enough on Saturday to go to the car wash and Best Buy with Daddy (fun guy stuff, I tell you) while Mommy was at a bridal shower for our good friend, Theresa, with Mimi, Great-Grammy and Aunt Jenn. Then on Monday, we spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Mimi and Pop-Pop's house. Mimi made chili for the adults (yummy!) and mac 'n cheese for me.

While there, I had to try on the famous Iron Man mask Jack got with his Christmas money. It was awesome, as expected.
Mimi even treated Jack and I to ice cream for dessert. Does she know her boys, or what?!
I couldn't get it in fast enough! Love my ice cream!
Jack and I had to suffer through the deliciousness. What we wouldn't do for ice cream!
After a bath, Jack and I discovered bubble wrap. I could have popped that stuff for hours, I tell you. I was Noah the Focused for sure!
I am so glad I am finally on the mend. Being sick is no fun at all (especially for the adults, I think). Stay well out there, friends, and stay away from little germmie kiddos like me!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

Yesterday it snowed at my house! That's right, real snow. And I'm not talking one of those brief snow falls we get once in a while in Southern California that lasts 20 minutes. This was some serious snow, people!

If you look really close in this photo, you can see it starting to fall. Mommy was upstairs taking a shower and she saw the snow start out of the corner of her eye. She rushed down to tell Daddy and me.
Here's a little video right after it started. We were all stunned!
OK, now that looks like snow on our storage box, right?
And that sure looks like snow accumulating on the window sill.
Daddy and I were brave enough to venture outside to check things out. He brought me a little snowball to touch. Cool!
I got to touch the ice on the table, too. I loved it!
Here are Mommy's silly snow boys.
A few hours later, it was STILL snowing when Tutu, Sir and Aunt Darlene had arrived for a visit. Tutu took this photo of our street from the car.A lot of snow was on the ground by that time so we all ventured out to play in the white stuff. Now that is some snow!
Here's a video of some of the fun. I had to check on my toadstools, as you can see.
I had to reach down and touch it.
Wow, when you stomp around, you leave footprints. Awesome!
Check out those prints.
Sir even made me this snowball.
Here I am checking it out. Cold!
Aunt Darlene had just arrived here from Miami the day before. She is doing her clinic work right here in Los Angeles for two whole months. Yeah!
If you remember, Aunt Darlene is a former New Yorker. Only a New Yorker would wear high heels with no toes in the snow. Silly!
Those snowballs Sir was making soon turned into a little snowman. There wasn't quite enough snow for a big snowman so the little one was just right. Tutu was impressed for sure!
It was getting super cold by that point so we headed inside and warmed our fingers in front of the fire. Much better.
The snow continued to fall well into the night and was still coming down quite steadily when we all went to bed. Mommy guesses we got about 12 hours of snow all together. Here are some outside shots once it got dark. You can really see the snow falling in these pictures.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to my snow visitors. I am so glad Aunt Darlene is here! We are going to have so much fun!
Thanks for sharing in my snow adventure, Tutu, Sir and Aunt Darlene! It was a blast!
This is what it looked like when everyone left. Be careful out there!
So there you have first snow experience! Pretty cool! Too bad it was gone by the time I got home tonight. I hope it snows tomorrow, too!