Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot Wheels Track

Today Daddy and I set up one of my Christmas presents: a Hot Wheels race track that you attach to the wall. This way you can kept it off the floor and out of the way. Neat, huh?
I discovered that not all of my cars will make it all the way down the track (some are too heavy to get over the first hump) and that the force of gravity and the momentum of the cars is what makes them speed down to the floor. OK, enough science for one day. All I know is it's really cool! If one of my cars didn't make it down the track, I would hand it to Mommy and tell her, "this one is not so good." It was quite an experiment.
For your viewing pleasure, here is a little video of how my track works. I love it and made the cars go down over and over and over again. I think Mommy and Daddy are starting to rethink this Christmas present just a little bit. Insert a big sigh from Mommy here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Humana Challenge in La Quinta: Day 2

Today was day two of our La Quinta golf vacation. It was a glorious January day. Look at those beautiful mountains! A great day for some golf, for sure!
Here are the men assessing the golf situation. The guy in the middle is our friend Gary. He and his wife Linda have a house in La Quinta but on the other side of PGA West. So they came over for the good view from Tutu and Sir's house.
Did we see some great pros today? Of course we did! Here's Phil Mickelson on the green. He did pretty well.
And here I am playing with my race cars. I was not so interested in the golf.
Oh, hey, there's that Greg Norman guy from last night. He must be pretty important because the crowd following him was huge. I hardly noticed.
Daddy and I decided to take a break and lounge on the chaises.
Good thing I have a great Daddy to play with when the golf gets too boring for me.
And what did Mia do during all this golfing fun? Oh, you know, she slept through most of it. Good thing there were lots of adults to take turns feeding, snuggling and holding her.

At the end of day two, we had dinner at home. Pop-Pop barbequed some of his fish and Tutu made the side dishes. It was a fun and relaxing way to end the day. Stay tuned for even more golf fun tomorrow...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Humana Challenge in La Quinta: Day 1

Today we drove out to Tutu and Sir's desert house in La Quinta for the Humana Challenge (formerly the Bob Hope Golf Classic). This is one of our favorite events of the year because all the golf action, with pro and celebrity golfers, goes right past Tutu and Sir's backyard. This year, Mimi and Pop-Pop joined us for the first time. We sure were looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with all the grandparents, I tell ya!

We were pretty tired when we arrived that evening so we went out to dinner at the La Quinta Resort's Adobe Grill. There was an awesome mariachi band playing so I got my groove on.
Tutu joined me. We had a blast!
Gotta love my Tutu! She's the best dance partner.
Soon the band traveled over to our section and they played us a couple of songs.
Then Sir and I spotted a familiar face in the room. Sir says that Greg Norman, an awesome pro golfer, was dining right across the restaurant from us. Apparently he was staying here with President Clinton of all people (he's going to golf with Mr. Norman on Saturday). OK, so I have no idea who these guys are but it sure was fun for the adults.
After a while, my tiredness caught up with me and I demanded that no more photos be taken of me for the day. Nothing like a tired four-year-old out past his bedtime.
Mia had fun, too. She spent most of dinner hanging out in her carrier taking it all in. I think she's wondering what all the fuss is about in this picture.

So our first day in the desert came to an end. Stay tuned for all the golf action tomorrow...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Visit with Auntie Da

Today we had a visit with my Auntie Darlene at Tutu and Sir's house! She came all the way from Turks and Caicos to see me and my new baby sister for the first time. Mia was instantly in love with Darlene. Who wouldn't be? She's only the best auntie in town!
Daddy and I decided to try out my firetruck Lego set while we were there. I bought it with the rest of my Christmas money. There were a lot of pieces and the directions were pretty complicated. Auntie Da gave us boys lots of encouragement.
Good thing my Daddy is an accomplished Lego builder because he had that truck together in no time at all.
Wow, this thing is neat! It has a hose and everything.
Hurray for projects you can do with your Daddy! I think he had even more fun than me!
I was so glad to see my Auntie Da! She and I had lots of talks and a good spin around the room. We always seem to find time for that on our visits. Hee, hee!
I also showed everyone how my new Leap Pad worked. I especially love the game where you take care of your own creature. You can create it and feed it and bathe it and play with it. I made a dragon doggie that meowed like a cat. So much fun!
Soon it was time to say goodbye to Darlene. Awwww! Here she is with me and Mia for one last hug. Come back soon, Auntie Da! We love you!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I'm Learning in Preschool: December 2011

In December, my preschool class worked on its coordination and visual skills. But before we get to that, we also made quite a few awesome art pieces for the holidays. Here are two more gifts I made for my family. The first is a reindeer card and the second is a photo frame.
Here's the inside of the card. Neat, huh?
I also made this glittery Christmas tree...
...this neat stocking (which Ms. Leslie hung in our classroom during the month)...
...and this hand-print Santa (looks like I forgot to draw on the face...I must have been tired).
OK, on to the topic of the month. Our visual skills lessons included matching like objects...
...and distinguishing differences, like big and small.
We also had to do letter matching. I did pretty good on this one.
Creating patterns is another visual skill we worked on. Here's my square circle square circle pattern.
On this worksheet, we had to cut out and paste the presents in the space with the same first letter. Hat starts with "H" so I pasted it there. I was able to match them with a little help. Not bad.
So our coordination and visual skills sure did develop in December! Can't wait to see what we do in January for learning about nature and science. Stay tuned...

Friday, December 30, 2011

My New Friend Freddy

Today I went to Build-A-Bear Workshop with Daddy to use some of my Christmas money to buy a new pal. Here's his birth certificate. He's a dog and I named him Freddy.
Freddy is white, brown and black. He decided that he wanted to be a fisherman like my Pop-Pop so we got him a fishing outfit complete with a pole and fish. He loves it!
And boy, do I love him, too! Welcome to my world, Freddy! You and I are going to be life-long buddies, I just know it.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


As you know, I got a really cool set of retro wooden blocks for Christmas from my Mimi and Pop-Pop. So today I decided to try them out. Daddy and I built this neat ramp for my cars to drive on. It's kinda like a block freeway. The cars had fun!
We also built this neat tower. I put some Lego guys on the top. They loved it!

What an imagination, huh? I thought up these things all by myself and gave Daddy directions. He was a good follower. What will I come up with next?...