Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good-bye, Auntie Da!

Last night, we went over to Tutu and Sir's house to say good-bye to Auntie Da. Her eight weeks of clinic work here in L.A. are now finished and she is ready to fly back to Miami for another internship before graduation. Awwww! We loved having Darlene with us here and we were very sad to see her go. Here I am giving her a big Noah style hug when she came home from her last day at work.
We had a lot of fun, too! Aunt Mary and Great-Grandma Betty came over to say good-bye as well. Tutu cooked us a wonderful curry chicken dinner complete with baked potatoes and apple pie for dessert.

I spent my time dancing to "New York, New York"...
Playing with some of Daddy's old toys, like this robot...
And watching a few of my favorite shows.
Unfortunately, the night had to come to an end. Auntie Da gave everyone a big hug. Here she is with her Grandma...
And her Mom and Dad. I was too busy for pictures so I gave my best grumpy frown.
And her Aunt Mary...
And, of course, her brother and sister-in-law.
And don't forget me, her favorite nephew! We had so much fun just being silly together. Boy, am I going to miss my Auntie Da. Maybe we can come visit you and Uncle Jimmy in Turks and Caicos someday. That would be fun!

I couldn't leave without giving Auntie Da one of my super big hugs, as only I can give. Here's a little video of my silliness.

Have a safe trip back to Miami, Auntie Da, and we'll see you again very soon! It was such a treat to have you here with us for two whole months! We love you!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Relaxing La Quinta Weekend

This past Presidents' Day weekend, we took an extra day off on Friday and headed out to La Quinta to spend a relaxing time with Tutu and Sir. It was one of those weekends where you don't have anything planned but just go with the flow.

All of these photos were caught on Daddy's new iPhone as the moments happened. As you can see from the photo above, Daddy got a new app that let's you make a sketch out of any photo. So we played with that. Neat, huh?
Of course I had to eat. Here I am waiting for Mommy to serve me my breakfast one morning. I know, I live a pampered life.
I also had lots of snacks and played with all my toys, especially my race track. We also read lots of books, played with Play-Doh and more.
And we ate out A LOT. Here we are on one of our restaurant adventures. I think Mommy and I are coloring in this photo.
We even got to stop at Pop-Pop's favorite place on the way home on Sunday: The Bass Pro Shop. Here I am trying to take home a big fish. OK, so it was a fish pillow. A boy can dream, right?
But most of all, we had a great time. Daddy and I had fun taking photos of each other on his new phone. I love that you can see yourself in the camera while the photo is being taken. I thought it was hilarious. Observe...

Here's a little video of me thinking this seeing-yourself-as-the-photo-is-being-taken thing is the bees' knees. Silly!

So there you have it. A nice, long, relaxing weekend. Much needed, I'd say. Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for having us at your desert house. We had a blast just doing nothing in particular!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Heart Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
We spent several days celebrating the national day of love with our family. On Saturday morning, we went to have breakfast with Tutu, Sir and Auntie Da. We went to my favorite place: IHOP (or "hi-hop" as I like to call it). I had a big plate of pancakes and opened lots of cool Valentine's Day treats, including a singing card with a personal message from my grandparents, a glowing froggie and candy.
After breakfast, we went back to Tutu and Sir's house to play for a bit in the yard since it was such a nice day. As soon as I stood on Tutu's garden bridge, I saw something new...
A beautiful new garden fairy!
She was so pretty that I had to give her a kiss.
Tutu said we could name her so Mommy suggested Anastasia. What a lovely name, huh? Welcome to the garden, Anastasia!
Then, while I was out there, I had to explore. I picked this lemon...
...And found this pine cone...
...And picked a tangerine.
It was delicious!
Then Auntie Da and I checked out the daffodills. They smelled lovely!
And I gave a big hug to my turtle friend.
Auntie Da and I also looked at this wind spinner.
And smelled another flower.
And finally I checked out Tutu's vegetable garden. However, I was more interested in the gate.
Thanks, for having us, Tutu and Sir! What an awesome morning.
And thanks for playing with me, Auntie Da!
You are the best chaser!
Before we headed out, I had to check out a new app Tutu found for her iPad. It had me cracking up!
It's got this silly kitty that makes noises when you touch him. Hilarious!
After a nap, we headed over to Jack's house for an afternoon party. We started out by making our Mommies Valentine's Day necklaces. Great-Grammy brought Jack and me a big box of beads to choose from.
I had fun putting the beads on (with Grammy's help of course).
Mommy LOVED her necklace. And I got a big hug for my present.
Here she is modeling her new jewelry. Yes, I know that is a Santa charm. I liked it so it made it on the necklace. There is no reasoning with a three-year-old, you know.
Then Jack and I went nuts in the yard. We were tough to photograph since we move so fast. Try and catch us now, paparazzi!
Then we found Jack's wagon in the garage so everyone took turns giving us rides. First it was Pop-Pop's turn...
Then Daddy took us for a spin.
We are such a bunch of monkeys!
Then we played a good old fashioned game of hide and seek. Mimi was the seeker.
Daddy helped us hide. We had to remember to be really quiet and not move. We did such a good job that Mimi never found us. Hee, hee!
Then is was time to open more Valentine presents. Jack and I had to wear our shades for the occasion.
We got a bunch of great gifts, including window clings, bubbles, band-aids, snacks, and much more.
Cool, Buzz and Woody band-aids!
Wow, that is a lot of loot, Jack! We made out like bandits! By the way, Jack made us all hand-made Valentines. Neat, huh?
Uncle Jon helped us test out the bubbles.
We had a blast popping them!
Then it started to get dark so Jack and I ventured inside to play. We read stories and played lots of games.
And ate a big, delicious dinner. Jack had Grammy's homemade spaghetti and I had hot dogs and a cowboy sandwich. Yummy!
Thanks, everyone, for all the great gifts and thanks, Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Jack, for having us over! I had a fabulous time!
And finally...yesterday was Valentine's Day! Hooray! At school, we all handed out Valentines to our friends and put them in a bag that we decorated. I came home with a big bag of lovely cards and treats.
Then it was time to open a gift from my favorite Valentines: Mommy and Daddy. I started by opening this card.
Then dove right into my bag.
Cool, a monster!
But not just any monster: it's a Love Monster!
I also got this neato robot tableware.
I was ready to chow down!
Mommy and Daddy got gifts, too! Daddy got this framed photo of him getting a kiss from Mommy. Awww!
And this stuffed frog prince from me. He makes a kissing sound when you squeeze him.
Mommy got a big bucket of goodies from The Popcorn Factory and beautiful red rose at work.
Wow, what a great Valentine's Day I had! I am so loved by all my friends and family! Hope your day was special, too!