Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Birthday Party for Cousin Jack

This morning, I went to Jack's 3rd birthday party! Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn held it at Memorial Park in La Canada. The weather was not too shabby, considering we had a week of rain and overcast skies. Jack and I had our traditional hug to start things off. I love my cousin!
Then we shared this tire swing...
And went on the big swings, too.
We were swinging fools!
After the swings, we checked out the awesome play equipment.
We cruised in the tunnel.
Whoa, extreme close up on Jack!
And were our usual maniac selves!
I also had fun on this contraption with Daddy.
And went on the various slides about 50 times.
What a rush, huh?!
The only way you could pry me off the play equipment was with the promise of cake! Wow, that is some cake, Jack!
Come on, people! Get that sucker cut already!
Great-Grammy had to hold my hand while I waited.
Hey, is that Emily Rose? She slid right in next to the birthday boy when no one was looking...
And scored herself an early slice. Smart girl! I'll have to remember that at the next party.
Success! And boy was it ever good cake! I ate my cake and Grammy's cake, too. Mommy cut me off after that.
Gotta love cake! I think I'm all fueled up and ready to play again!
Emily and I had a quick drink together before getting back out there.
We rode the slides...a lot!
And found just about all the cute little bronze men we could find all over the play yard. We have no idea what they were for but we had fun searching for them and tickling their bellies.
Jack and I just love our sweet friend Emily! We're so glad she lives close enough for us to visit with her often (and of course her Mommy and Daddy, too).
And as promised, we tried our best to recapture the wagon photo from our first visit last September. Meg (that's Emily's Mimi), this is for you. Only trouble is getting three toddlers to sit still and to all be looking at the camera at the same time.
This one is a little better...
Oh, boy. Well, we tried. Maybe one of the "paparazzi" has a better photo to share with Emily's Mimi.
Well there you have it. A super fun morning with friends and family in honor of my big cousin, Jack. Happy 3rd birthday, Jackie Boy! We love you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rain Boots Just My Size?

Yesterday, Daddy got a cool (and very manly) pair of rain boots in the mail. They are the kind that go over your shoes and cover up your pant legs so you don't get wet when it's raining. Daddy has to walk a long way from his car to his office and there are lots of huge puddles along the way. So after our very rainy week, Daddy wanted to be prepared for the next big Socal rain.
His new boots looked so cool that I decided to try them on for size.
They fit like a glove, right? I think I could wade through some enormous puddles in these suckers. I wonder if they make them in my size?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 90th Anniversary, OLL!

On Saturday night, we went to a celebration in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes 90th anniversary. It's Mommy childhood parish and I was even baptised there. So it's a special place in all of our hearts.
Mommy and Uncle Jon went to school at OLL, too, and I got to meet a whole bunch of Mommy's old teachers. I met her principal, Sister Anne, her second-grade teacher, Sister Joan, and her eighth-grade teacher, Sister Jeanne Mary. Neat, huh? And we even got to see Bishop Ryan. He married Mommy and Daddy and even was the pastor of OLL years ago.
And I met many, many friends of Mimi and Pop-Pop's. I can't remember any of their names but they sure were happy to meet me. How nice!
Mimi was on the committee that put on the big event. It was so cool! There was a potluck, hog dogs and games for the big kids and even a band. Mimi and I cut a rug! Pop-Pop was stuck selling beer and wine with our friend, Anton. You had to be 21 to go in the "Beer Garden" so of course I had to stay out. I did say hello to him a few times through the fence. Hee, hee!
I also got to visit with some of my good friends! Here I am with Dele and Meg. Meg is Emily Rose's Mimi. She came all the way from Texas for the party because OLL was her parish, too, before she and her family moved to Texas.
Here's Grammy and Nancy.
And our friends, John and Sue. What a group, huh?
And of course, Emily Rose, Allison and Paul came up for the festivities with Meg. Allison and her two brothers went to OLL school with Mommy and Uncle Jon. We had a blast running all over the place with Jack. I ran so much I sweated through my jacket! Gross!
Allison and I did some dancing, too. Emily was too shy to dance with us. Maybe next time...
So another great party in just one weekend...I am such a social butterfly, huh? Happy Anniversary, OLL! We love you!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jack!

Friday was Jack's 3rd birthday! So we all went out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory to celebrate. I don't think you look a day over 2 3/4, Jack!
Here I am waiting for my food. I'm sure it will be fabulous.
Pop-Pop and Uncle Jon were thrilled to be there, can't you tell.
Oh, boy! Jack got a big plate of spaghetti! Looks good but...
... I'd rather stick to my mac n' cheese, please.
Then it was time for presents. Here's Jack diving into his first one.
He got this neat Sponge Bob car set complete with a bobbing jelly fish.
And he got a whole bag full of goodies from Great-Grammy, including this pumpkin lantern to use during treat or treating.
What do you know, I got one too! Thanks, Great-Grammy!
Jack got his very own digital camera from me, Mommy and Daddy. Happy picture taking, Jack!
Jack also got a whole bunch of Matchbox cars from Mimi and Pop-Pop, complete with a rug with a road right on it to use in his bedroom. We broke it out when we got back to Jack's's awesome!
And finally, Great-Grammy made Jack this Woody vest for his Halloween costume. What a creative Grammy we have, huh?
We also celebrated Pop-Pop's birthday since it is only two days after Jack's. I made him my traditional picture.
And we gave him this neat picture of the two of us together. He loved it!
Then it was time for spumoni! Here's Jack ready to blow out his candle.
Pop-Pop got a candle, too!
That's some good ice cream!
I enjoyed my ice cream, too. I made a whole bunch of silly faces as I "suffered" through the cold.

Then it was time to say goodbye. I got a whole bunch of kisses from my Mimi. She's the best!
So happy birthday, Jack (and Pop-Pop, too)! You are becoming such a big boy right before our eyes. We love you so much, buddy!