Monday, June 27, 2011

We're Having a GIRL!

Today we all went to the doctor to see a movie of Peanut (or an ultrasound for all of you sophisticated types). They put this gooey stuff on Mommy's belly and moved this thing around and then I could see Peanut right inside of her. It was really cool! And guess what? Peanut is a GIRL! Daddy said that Peanut does not have boy parts like me but girl parts like Mommy. OK by me.

But after about 10 minutes or so, I was pretty much done with seeing Peanut's movie (what can I say, I'm 3 1/2). Good thing Tutu was there to entertain me. She had a flashlight in her purse so I was happy flashing it around the room. Did I mention it was pretty dark? Mommy had to keep telling me that it was so the doctor could see the movie of Peanut really well. It was good conditions for flashlight play at least.

So I'm going to be a Big Brother to a sister! I am so excited! Except I think I have to practice telling people that Peanut is a girl because when Miss Kitty from school asked me about Peanut later that day, I told her he was a boy. Silly me!

If you want to see more photos of my little sister and learn more about Mommy's pregnancy, please visit her blog by clicking here.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beachside Fun with Cousin Ella

Today, Mommy had to work so Daddy and I decided to spend the day at the Village in Redondo Beach with Tutu, Sir, Uncle Mike, Aunt Marisa and Cousin Ella. Aunt Marisa was scheduled to dance with her hula group in this cute little area filled with boutiques and restaurants. Thanks to Tutu, I have a few photos to share with you from our day.

On our way down to the beach, Sir and I had to stop and take photos with these interesting Star Wars characters. Only in L.A., right?
Later, we stopped for a delicious lunch. Good thing Tutu brought her iPad to entertain us kiddos. I think Uncle Mike liked the fairy video, too.
Here are Ella and I watching some of the show. Aunt Marisa was excellent and there was plenty of other music to dance to and fun for us to see. Ella and I had a blast!

Thanks, everyone, for helping to kept me busy while Mommy was working. I sure had a fun day at the beach with all of you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Sunday was Father's Day! Yeah! It's a day for us to do nice things for our Daddies. I was all ready to celebrate my Daddy. Mommy got up early and got Daddy his favorite breakfast treat: doughnuts! Yummy! Even I got to eat one with sprinkles on was delicious!
Mommy and I got Daddy lots of fun things for Father's Day. We got him this cool "Big Daddy" mug and filled it with his favorite candy...
...and this neat bear (it says "#1 Dad" on its cap).
But the best gift was this ceramic heart with my hand print on it. It says "So much love in such small hands" and when you press it, my voice says "Happy Father's Day. I love you." Cool, huh? Daddy also got a cool new video camera for himself. It is really spiffy!
After nap, we went over to Uncle Jon and Aunt Jenn's house for a big family celebration. There were a lot of us there! Our great friends, Paul, Allison, Emily and new baby Everett, joined us as did our dear friend, Dele. Jack's Po-Po Grace and Yee-Yee Shari were there and so was Tutu, Sir, Uncle Mike, Aunt Marisa, Cousin Ella, Great-Grammy and of course Mimi and Pop-Pop. Whew! Oh, boy, I think we are going to have some serious fun, people!
Jack had a tent set up in the back yard. Cool! Emily, Jack and I had a great time playing inside.
Then it was time for some gifts. Uncle Jon sure was happy to get our "May the Force Be With You" glass filled with candy.
Pop-Pop looks a bit confused in this picture. I think he has too many cards to open.
Uncle Mike was all ready for Father's Day in his "#1 Dad" T-shirt.
Boy, Sir, that is a lot of gifts! Hope you like our golf mug and coasters...
Pop-Pop looked almost like the bear we got him and he also loved his grandpa mug. Mimi approved, too!
Daddy got some cool gifts, too! The Daddies certainly scored on gifts this year!
Time for a super cheesy smile break. It's what I do best.
Some of us kids made pet rocks for our Mommies and Grandmas. Great-Grammy lead the crafts and brought us nice stickers to put on our rocks. Emily really loved it. Me, not so much. I stuck to running around the yard.
I stopped long enough to have a cupcake, which turned out to be my dinner. There are eggs and flour and milk in there...almost a well-balanced meal. Mommy did sneak in a few strawberries and milk, too.
Ella loved her cupcake, too, as you can see. Especially the frosting. Silly girl!
Then it was time for a birthday celebration for Emily! She turned 3 on June 11. So Mimi had a special Belle cake just for her. It was beautiful!
Emily did a great job blowing out her candles and I had a great time singing the Birthday Song.
All of us kiddos couldn't wait for a slice of the Belle cake. It looked so good...
...and it tasted good, too! For those of you who are keeping track, that is my second piece of cake for the evening and my third sweet treat of the day. I was on a roll. In Mommy's defense, you can't exactly deny a three-and-a-half-year-old boy cake once you start handing it out to everyone, can you? I think not.
The best part of the day was getting to meet Emily's new little brother, Everett. He was born on May 4 so he is only 6 weeks old. Here he is with his Daddy, Paul, on Father's Day. Awwww!
Here's Paul with both of his little ones. So cute! Emily just loves her new brother. We can only hope that I will be as great a Big Brother to Peanut one day. I will certainly try.
Then it was time for a few pictures of Jack and me with our Daddies and Grandpas. Here's a silly one of us with my Daddy.
And here's our best attempt of one with Uncle Jon. Let's try that again, shall we?
OK, never mind.
I might have had other things on my mind during this photo with Sir. I could have been trying to score another piece of cake....we may never know.
And I believe that Pop-Pop was a bit disgusted with my lack of enthusiasm during this photo. What do you expect? I'm a busy boy and I had had a fun-filled day.

Wow, what a day! We sure did celebrate all the Daddies in style! Happy Father's Day to everyone, especially to my are my bestest pal and I love you!

Free Cupcakes!

Last week, Mommy was the Facebook Fan of the Week at our favorite local cupcakery, The Cupcake Tree. All she had to do was comment a lot. Guess what her prize was? If you guessed four free cupcakes of her choice, then you would be correct! Score, right? So on Tuesday evening, she brought home cupcakes for all of us. I got one called "True Boy." It is a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and for extra fun it has dirt (Oreo Cookie crumbles) and a worm (a gummy worm, obviously). Oh, boy, I could hardly wait (you know how much I LOVE cake)!
It was so delicious and I ate the whole thing. Yummy! By the way, cupcakes taste even more scrumptious when they are free.

Thanks, Mommy, for sharing your prize with me (and Daddy, too). How do we get free cupcakes every day? I'll have to think about that...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Memorial Day Fun in the Sun!

The day after our trip to Carlsbad, Daddy repacked the car with summer clothes and off we went to La Quinta to spend the long Memorial Day weekend with Tutu, Sir, Aunt Marisa, Uncle Mike and Cousin Ella.

On Friday morning, I helped Sir put out the American Flag. It was Memorial Day weekend, after all.
I really wanted to go up on the ladder, too, but Mommy made me stay on the ground. I held the flag for Sir instead.
On Saturday morning, we all headed over to The La Quinta Resort and Spa for some shopping. They were having a sidewalk sale so we wanted to get in on some bargains. Ella and I were ready for some fun for sure.
Here we are checking out the waterfall. We had fun running all over the place and up and down the stairs. On the way home, we stopped by Shields Date Farm for some delicious date shakes. It's a desert tradition since the 1920s, you know. We had never been there before and boy were those shakes yummy!

Later that night, Ella's Mommy and Daddy went out for their anniversary (Happy 8th, Marisa and Mike). So Ella and I had lots of time to have fun with Tutu and Sir. We ran up and down the hallways a their house about 50 times and screamed and giggled until we dropped. It is so fun having a little cousin to be silly with!
It was nice and warm outside on Sunday so Ella and I decided it was perfect weather for some bubble blowing. Yippee!
After a few minutes, I really got the hang of it. Will you look at those bubbles! I'm an awesome bubble blower!
Ella did really well, too. She may have tasted more bubbles than she blew but whose counting. Bubbles are the best!
On Sunday evening, we headed over to Tutu and Sir's club for a special Memorial day BBQ. They sure did dress festively for the occasion!
The tables were decorated with flags and shiny stars. Hey, can I have one of those flags, please?
Score! I am so patriotic!
Ella loved her flag, too. We waved and waved them.
Here's a picture of our little family enjoying the atmosphere. We had a ball and ate lots of good food. There were hot dogs and hamburgers, corn on the cob and baked beans, watermelon and salads, and... cream sundaes of dessert! I was in heaven!
Then it was time for the dance party to begin! Ella and I danced and danced for over an hour. Here we are cutting a rug with Tutu.
Then the whole family joined in. Ella was having so much fun, she would walk up to anyone on the dance floor and boogie with them. She was in the groove for sure!
Here's one more shot of me and my amazing moves! We had such a blast that our parents had to drag us off the dance floor. Ella even tried to sneak back out there on the way out the door. Silly kiddos!
By the way, here is a picture of the view from the club that night. Tutu and Sir's house is past those palm trees on the right. What a beautiful desert evening, huh?
Darn, our vacation was almost over. On the way home on Monday, we stopped by our favorite desert pit stop, Sonic, for lunch. I had my first corn dog. It was delicious! I ate it while wearing my sunglasses and watching a video. What can I say, I live a pampered life!

So there you have it...a wonderful end to a fabulous vacation! When do we take another one? Mommy says to stay tuned for a trip very soon to some place very relaxing and very island-like...oh, boy!