Sunday, January 20, 2008

My new New York pajama's for Aunt Darlene! TMZ Exclusive!

These are the very ultra exclusive pictures of me in my New York sleeper that my Aunt Darlene bought for me. I'm a little shy, so be kind in your review of my photo shoot!

Look, I can make funny faces too!

I'm so tired. It's hard work posing for the picture's! I'm working on getting my head to stay in one place, and I can't sit-up quite good yet, but I'm working on it! I'm definately working on it!

I'm a Month old today! Paaaartay! Jan 12, 2008

Hey Everyone! I'm a month old today! Whoohoo! I couldn't exactly blow out the cake, but sneezing sure put it out! This is my grandma Mimi holding me here.

That same day, I got to sleep over at the house with Mimi and Pop. It was like having a little vacation away from my parents. I had a great time! My mommy and Daddy got to rest. APPARENTLY, I keep them up all night... the nerve...

My Pop is cuddly, so I conked out early. Catch you next time!

First Visit to Grandma and Grandpa Dirstine's House! Jan 06, 2008

Today I made my first visit to Tuto's and Sir's House (Grandma and Grandpa respectively). I think I'm gonna call them something else when I actually get to speaking, but for now, they get to have the names they want. Anywho, my daddy needed to help Sir (Jeff's Dad) with some computer stuff, so I got prime time pampering from Tutu and Aunt Nora!

I had a great time there. It was nice to hang out there. Aunt Nora and my daddy took some candid photo's of me there in the kitchen. Enjoy!

Alright Everyone! See you next post!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Deceber 30, 2007. Mommy's need for a Corn dog is now satisfied!

My mommy was so good to me when I was growing in her womb, that she thwarted corn dogs from her diet. Being that she is my mommy, I gave her the go-ahead to have one. Daddy is taking the pictures. This was also my first visit to what you call a "Mall". I have yet to taste this so called "Dog of Corn".

Family and Friends bring my parents breakfast! December 29, 2007

Pictured above is all of my Mimi's and Pop's friends who came to give my parents breakfast! It was also a great way for them to get to meet me!

First Bath of my lifetime! December 28, 2007

So, on the 28th of December last year, my Aunt Darelene flew in from New York, and I had my first bath! So today you get the TMZ exclusive "Noah Bath Time", not sold in stores. Let me just say, I don't like being cold! There will be extended scenes of me in my birthday suit, so be warned! By the way, My aunt Darlene was the Videographer!

My Aunt Darlene came all the way from New York to see me! I'm so lucky to meet her!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Day - December 25 2007

My first christmas and did I make out like a bandit! My family got me so many nice things! Here are some pictures from the day! Everyone Came over!

My Grandma Tutu.

Great Grandmother Betty Dirstine.

Great Grandmothers Betty Dirstine and Mary Livingston.

Four generations of Livingstons in one picture!

Four Generations of Dirstines!

That's it for me.... I'm pooped!

Christmas Eve at Mimi's and Pop

Hello everyone, it's me Noah! I've been so tired lately, that I've been napping alot during the day, and my daddy has been too tired to type for me. Sorry about the lack of updates!

Anywho, here I am at Mimi and Pop's (Pat and Mike Livingston, mommy's parent's) for christmas eve celebration. This is this babies first christmas,and boy oh boy am I spoiled. I got a bunch of new outfits so I'll be stylin' when I go about town.

Below is my Great Grandmother Mary Livingston feeding my my bottle!

There was alot of activity. I started poopin out early. Jon and Pop sung to Jack, my cousin. Here's a clip for your enjoyment.

Christmas eve was fun and very special. I love hanging out with my family all together. I even got a great picture with my parents!