Monday, February 22, 2010

I Got a Potty!

So guess what? I got a potty! Mama and Dada went to Babies 'R Us the other night and picked up this cute little potty just for me. We talked all about how to use it tonight before my bath so I decided to take off my diaper and try it on for size. Did you know that EVERYONE poo-poos and pee-pees? I did not know that! See you learn something new every day.
Don't get too excited yet. Nothing happened (i.e., no pee-pee or poo-poo made it in) but at least I'm getting used to it. Not bad for my first try, huh? I'll let you know if I make any progress...

Just Being Silly

Yesterday, we visited Tutu and Sir at their house. Dada and I were playing on the stairs and Mama caught us being super silly.

Whoa, look at that cheesy smile! Hope your day is a little bit silly, too!

"What's That?" Stage

So I entered a new stage in my life a few weeks ago: the "what's that?" stage. All day long I ask anyone who will listen, "what's that?" What can I say, I'm curious. We could be driving in the car, playing or reading a book and I need to know what everything is. Mama and Dada think I am adorable.

On Saturday, my Mimi and Pop-Pop came to babysit me so Mama and Dada could finally have a Valentine's Day dinner out. Hey, better late than never, right? We picked up this awesome Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, the THINKS You Can Think," along with this cute stuffed bird to match the story.

Mama captured this cute little video of me reading my new book yesterday morning. So you will see my "what's that?" stage in action. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you had a special day filled with good times and lots of love. I sure did! I started the day playing with a few stickers, as you can tell by the "sticker carnage" in this picture.
Then I opened a few gifts from Mama and Dada. Of course I got a fun musical card that sings one of my favorite songs, "Twinkle, Twinkle."

Here's a little video of me playing and dancing to my card.
Here I am unwrapping my presents. I'm getting so good at this unwrapping thing, huh?
Oooo, I got a talking Elmo that says "Elmo loves you" when you push his belly. I love it! I also got an Elmo video of the same name. I watched it twice that morning.

My Elmo video came with a free music CD. Score! Here I am dancing to some hit tunes from Sesame Street!

Thanks, Mama and Dada, for such a nice Valentine's Day! I love you both!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pre-Valentine's Day Celebration

We spent the afternoon at Great-Grammy's house on Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day. Mimi, Pop-Pop, Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Cousin Jack joined us. Grammy made us lots of yummy things to eat and bought Jack and I a whole mess of electronic holiday friends. Yes, she knows it's February but she got something like 90% off and Jack and I don't care if they play Christmas songs. We had a blast! Here I am seeing if I can get them all to go at the same time.
Here I am with Jack seeing if four hands are better than two.
Oooo, check this one out. It spins and plays music.
Jack got one, too!
Thought you might want to see these things in action. Check out this little video...
We got lots of awesome gifts for Valentine's Day from Mimi, Pop-Pop and Great-Grammy. Here I am checking out my Yo Gabba Gabba Valentine's Day book. It came with stickers and Valentines. Cool!
After presents, we took a walk. Aunt Jenn helped Jack ride his bike and Mimi and I let our feet do the walking.
Here's a shot of us on the way back.
After dinner, Jack and I relaxed with a little Yo Gabba Gabba, as always, and finished off with an extra splashy bath.
Here's a little video of us enjoying our favorite show. Are we cute or what?
Thanks for a great Valentine's Day bash, everyone. I am so loved on Valentine's Day and every day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It Was a Super Bowl

On Sunday, we went to the Maki Family's annual Super Bowl party. And a super party it was! I even wore my "Moose Handsome Player" shirt for the occasion. Here I am at the beginning of the game. Oh wait, is that a rubber!
Then I noticed all the pretty girls at the party. And lots of beads. It was the New Orleans Saints vs. the Indianapolis Colts, after all. So the Makis decided to go with the New Orleans theme since no one could quite figure out what goes on in Indianapolis besides car racing. Here I am getting crazy with our friend, Janet. Hey, can I have those beads?
Here's our host, Danielle. She made all sorts of New Orleans food, including po'boys, benets, jambalaya and... she is dropping the first of her delicious hush puppies into the fryer. She even kicked them up a notch with bacon and green chiles. Wow, huh?
And check out this shrimp po'boy Danielle and Ian just threw together. Amazing! Ian also made some tremendous hurricanes and mint juleps for the adults to drink and even sent them home with souvenir glasses. By the way, so sorry the Broncos didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year, Ian. There's always next year.
Mimi and Pop-Pop were there, too, of course. Pop-Pop's Steelers didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year either. Sorry, Pop-Pop.
During half-time, I did a little dance to the music of The Who. I don't know "who" they are but they sure did rock!
And I finished off the night playing in Caden's room. He's five and sure does have some awesome big-boy toys, like this slinky!
So the Super Bowl was fun, thanks to good food and good friends. Thanks, Ian, Danielle and Caden, for hosting us. We had a blast!
So Mama tells me that it's Valentine's Day this weekend. We're going to celebrate at Great-Grammy's house with the whole Livingston gang...stay tuned!

I Can Do a Somersault!

So, I know I promised you photos and details about my first trip to the dentist but unfortunately we never made it. It rained really hard on Friday and Saturday and the rain knocked out power and traffic signals near our house. The sheriff was diverting traffic back toward our house on Saturday morning and away from the dentist. So we just couldn't get there. So we'll reschedule and try again soon, I promise.
Instead, I thought I'd show you a new trick I learned. My Tutu and Sir came over on Saturday afternoon to visit and Tutu helped me to practice my somersaulting skills. That's right, I said somersaulting! And I'm getting really good at it, too. Here I am with my Tutu...

And here's a little video of one of many sommersaulting attempts. I think I'm ready for the Olympics, what do you think?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Early Valentine's Day

See, I told you I'd be seeing you VERY soon! Hee, hee!
On Saturday, Tutu and Sir took care of me at their house so that Mama and Dada could catch a movie. "Sherlock Holmes" has only been out for a month so it was about time they saw it, right? Ah, life with a toddler is so much fun...
While I was there, Tutu and Sir gave me a few early Valentine's Day gifts. Score! Here I am with my new frog. He plays "Every Breath You Take" by The Police (Mama says they are from the '80s and they RULE...whatever, Mama) and his eyes flutter and he flirts with you. You know how I love motion friends, so I only pushed the frog's play button, oh, like 50 times.
Here's a little video of me checking out my frog's awesome moves...and adding a few moves of my own.
I also got a couple of sticker coloring books. Oh, boy! And I was almost out of stickers, too. Here I am pulling off a few truck stickers. Cool!
Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for babysitting little old me and for the neato Valentine's Day gifts!
I'm going to the dentist for the first time on Saturday and Dada says there is this thing called the Super Bowl on Sunday. So I will have a lot to post about this weekend. Stay tuned...

Catching Up with Noah

Hi, cyberfriends! So sorry it has been so long since my last post. I was sick for a week and it rained like crazy so there was not much to talk about. Mama has been suffering with her allergies for a few weeks now, too, and she just hasn't felt like blogging in the evenings for me after I go to bed. She promises to take more pictures and keep in touch more often.
So I thought I'd catch you up on all things Noah.
First, I finally learned to say "cheese" when you want to take my picture. Here I am showing you how well I do it.
I've also added a lot of new words and phrases to my vocabulary. Here are just a few highlights:
A few weeks ago, I was at Mimi and Pop-Pop's house and Mimi made me an egg for dinner. She accidentally burned it a bit and when she tried to feed it to me, I said, "I don't eat that." Mimi was shocked and we all laughed.
I've also learned to count to four! I can even count backwards from three to one. See, you CAN learn something from Yo Gabba Gabba!
I've also gotten really good at identifying animals and remembering their sounds all on my own. For example, Mama has jammies with cats on them and I love to point to all of them and say, "cat." And when we read my favorite books, I've learned parts by heart. For example, when the Very Hungry Caterpillar pops out of the egg, I say, "pop" even before Mama reads it. And I am loving songs and music so much! Mimi taught me how to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle." I will say the last words of each line all by myself. And I will ask you to sing it again and again.
Here's another funny thing I did recently. Mama and I were just about to leave daycare for the day and all the kids were saying, "bye, Noah." So I said, "bye, Noah" too.
And finally, I am getting super good at remembering all of my loved ones and where they live. I know when we turn onto Tutu and Sir's street, for example, and even called for my Aunt Nora when I was visiting on Saturday and no one had to remind me of her name. She was shocked and it was the first time I had really said her name, too. Am I cute or what?
Well, I hope you feel caught up since our last post. I sure do! See you again VERY soon...