Friday, September 30, 2011

What I'm Learning in Preschool: September 2011

I bet you are all asking yourselves, "what did Noah learn in preschool in September?" Well I'll tell you right now! September was all about numbers and other math concepts in Ms. Leslie's class. We counted everything we could get our hands on, we learned concepts like less and more and we even started learning how to write numbers. Neat, huh? Here's some artwork we did in class related to our numbers lessons.

By the way, the feather hat had nothing to do with numbers but Mommy just had to include a photo of me wearing it since it is soooo cute.
We reviewed shapes at the beginning of the month and made this neat "Bag of Shapes" to hold our squares, triangles, rectangles and circles.

We did a lot of numbers worksheets, which helped us get used to counting.

We also did lots of puzzles to help us with our math skills.

One afternoon I came home wearing this cute necklace with some numbers attached to it. I think I was supposed to practice counting these.

Ms. Leslie even introduced us to graphing. We made one for numbers 1 through 5 using Foot Loops. And we ate some, too.

Here's another worksheet where I counted the sheep and Ms. Leslie helped me recognize the number that goes with them. Then I colored the sheep and got a "good work" sticker on my paper.

I learned that math also includes recognizing and making patterns. So we made our own patterns in class. Mine was very colorful if I do say so myself.

We also learned how to count everyday items. Here I counted one cotton ball, bead, foamie and noodle and glued them on my sheet.

This worksheet really impressed Mommy (and school director, Ms. Edna, too). Ms. Leslie told Mommy one afternoon that we were starting to learn how to draw straight lines. Wow, right? Here's a worksheet showing just how good I was getting at it. Not bad for an almost four-year-old.

This last worksheet shows my progress writing my numbers. OK, so Ms. Leslie helped but she says my hands are very steady, I hold a pencil very well and it won't be long before I am doing it all by myself. Awesome!

On the last day of the month, we made these neat number flash cards to take home and continue our number practice and recognition. Very cool!

So, I sure did learn a lot about numbers and other math concepts in September! Whew! In October, we will start working on our fine motor skills. That will include cutting, drawing straight lines, manipulating small items and even writing letters and words. So stay tuned...

What a Sunset!

On Friday evening, Daddy came home and called Mommy and me outside to see something "really cool." When we got outside, we saw one of the neatest sunsets we've ever seen in California. It was threatening to rain and the sky was full of these fluffy, creamy clouds. Mommy and I were very impressed.

Not to mention there was also a beautiful rainbow! You know how much I LOVE rainbows! It was awesome!
Will you look at those clouds! Wowzers!

So it didn't actually rain that night but the sky sure was cool. Thanks for sharing, Daddy!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Noah the Car Wash Helper

On Saturday, I decided to be helpful to my Daddy. He said it was time to give his car a wash and I said, "sounds like fun to me!" I quickly found that there is a lot to learn about washing cars, something I had never done before. First, Daddy says you have to dust and clean everything on the inside of the car. He gave me my very own duster and I got to work.
I dusted up high and down low...
Then I saw my cute little self in the rear view mirror so I had to stop and take a look. Am I handsome or what!
Once the inside was clean, Daddy and I set to work on the outside of the car. First, he showed me how to clean the rims and the tires. He had a brush for me to use and everything.
Then came the super fun part: we hosed the tires off with this sprayer. Daddy has lots of car washing toys as you can see.
I was really into the spraying part. It was awesome!
Then Daddy sprayed the rest of the car with water so that we could give it a bath with soap.
I stood in the safety of the garage with Mommy so I didn't get wet.
Then Daddy filled this big bucket full of soap and water. I had to watch.
Then he showed me how to use this neat handled scrubber.
Then I was off on my own. I did a pretty good job considering I am just a small boy. Mommy thinks the scrubber was taller than me. Maybe I need a more manageable tool, Daddy.
After I struggled with the scrubber for a while, Daddy gave me my own sponge to use. It was big and green.
I was very focused and took my task of washing the car very seriously.
Gotta get that grill clean, too.
Finally, after much washing and lots of bubbles, it was time for one last rinse. I had to stand on a stool for this one.
Daddy says no car washing would be complete without a little bubble stomping. I got right to it! Boy, car washing sure is fun!
Here's the finished product: one nice clean car! When Mommy and I went inside for a snack, I told her that I was the best car wash helper to Daddy. She completely agreed. Hey, Daddy, let's dirty up Mommy's car so we can wash it next weekend!

So I guess I can now cross car washing off my list of things to learn. I think I'll learn to juggle knives next...a boy can dream.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Jazz Concert at WHCC

On Sunday, September 18, we went to Tutu and Sir's country club for a special jazz concert and dinner. My Aunt Darlene (or as I like to call her "Auntie Da") was in town from Turks and Caicos so it was looking to be a fun evening for sure.

The Woodland Hills Country Club people are always really awesome to us little folks and this time they had a special pack full of fun things to do. There were stickers and an activity book...
Bubbles, which I LOVED...
And even some neato star sunglasses!
They had a super buffet dinner for all of us and I enjoyed mac 'n cheese, fruit and even some chicken strips (I know, chicken...I've been sort of eating it for Mommy and Daddy lately). Of course I also had some yummy chocolate and peach sorbet for dessert. Yummy!
As the sun was going down, it was time for the concert to begin! The CSUN Jazz Band was on site for some awesome tunes. They were actually very good. Mommy would expect nothing less from her alma mater. Go Matadors!
After a few minutes of watching the band, Tutu pulled out some homemade goo! She had made some for Cousin Ella earlier in the week and it was such a hit that she made some more and brought me some to play with at the concert. Auntie Da loved it, too.
Wow, this stuff is so cool! It even springs back to its original shape when you stretch it.
Auntie Da thought a goo mustache would look good on her. Yep, looks good to me!
So then I had to try it, too. Eat your heart out, Pop-Pop! I think I'm going to try growing one of these suckers.
Tutu even brought us some cookie cutters to try with the goo. We had at least an hour of fun making shapes. My Tutu is so smart, huh?
Later, Auntie Da and I cut a rug. The music was the best!
And we were treated to a lovely sunset! Wow!
Sir and I also had fun playing with these punch balloons that just happened to be in my fun pack. I had a blast!
Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. Awwww! Thanks so much, Auntie Da, for spending the evening with me. I always love your visits and can't wait for you to come back and see me soon. I love you!
And a big thank you to Tutu and Sir for inviting us to this really cool concert and dinner. I had so much fun playing and dancing and eating! Love you guys, too!
One last picture of Auntie Da with Mommy and Daddy. Oh, and Peanut, too! Have a safe trip back to the islands!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

So sorry we've been absent from our blog for most of the month. Mommy is getting quite pregnant and has been walking and putting up her feet in the evenings instead of blogging. But that doesn't mean I haven't been super busy this month. Let's see what we've all been up to, shall we?

On September 16, Mommy turned 38! Daddy and I sent her these beautiful flowers at work. She loved them!

That evening, Mimi and Pop-Pop had everyone over to their house for Mommy's birthday celebration. Joining us were Uncle Jon , Aunt Jenn, Jack, Tutu, Sir, Great-Grammy, Dele and Terry. Jack and I handed out party hats to everyone in attendance and posed for a picture with the birthday girl. Unfortunately, you have to be pretty quick to get two almost-four-year-olds to both look at the camera at the same time. Jack looks a bit melancholy in this photo. Let's try again...
Hummm, almost ready this time...

Oh, well, moving on...

Jack and I sure did have fun with those hats. By the way, Jack asked Mommy how old she was and when she told him 38, Jack said, "wow, that is old!" Way to make the birthday girl feel extra special, Jack.

Did you know that party hats looked even more awesome when you make funny faces while wearing them?

We then decided that we needed to see ourselves in our hats so we proceeded to hide in the bathroom to look in the mirror. No birthday girls allowed, Mommy.

Uncle Jon and Curious George also loved their hats...maybe.

And so did Pop-Pop and Great-Grammy. We were all having a great time!

After a dinner of pizza and salad, Mimi gave Jack and me a big bag of presents. She's a good Mimi like that. I had a blast making a picture with Halloween stickers and Pop-Pop showed us how to use the yo-yo we got. He's a pretty good yo-yoer! He says that yo-yos cost only 98 cents in his day. I think they cost a bit more than that today. But I could be wrong.

Then it was time for cake! Yeah! Mimi made her famous Texas Sheet Cake and it was delicious! Pop-Pop tried to convince everyone that The Cake Boss came by to decorate Mommy's cake but we did not believe him. Silly Pop-Pop!

Mommy got a lot of really awesome gifts, too. She got the new iPod Nano from Tutu and Sir, awesome Christmas cookery and a heart charm for her Pandora bracelet from Mimi and Pop-Pop, a beautiful necklace from Jack that he picked out all by himself, a Starbucks gift card from Dele, a Barnes and Noble gift card from Uncle Mike, Aunt Marisa and Ella, money from Great-Grammy and her favorite Swedish Fish candies from Terry. What a haul! Here we all are posing with Mommy. What a group, huh?

Along with the flowers, Daddy and I got Mommy a new light for her Nook. She loved it!

But one of the most special presents Mommy got was this necklace from Daddy with Peanut's birthstone in it. He got a similar one for her when I was born, too. What a neat gift, huh?

Before we knew it, it was time to go home. Boo! Happy, happy birthday to you, Mommy! We all love you so much!

(Note from Mommy: Thank you, everyone, for coming to celebrate with me on my birthday. Thanks for all my special gifts and for being such wonderful family and friends. I love all of you so very much!)