Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Pictures - a week late! SORRY!!!

It's Halloween Time! I'm a Scarecrow! So stay away from my pumpkins and corn, or I'll rasberry you to death!
Ok, so the costume is cute, but something is starting to bother me.

So, my parents had this great idea of putting a straw hat on my head.....

I like it off my head better... So you can see my handsome smile!

My daddy carved these oumpkins for my first halloween... They look cool to me!

Next holiday has something to do about peanuts and a turkey... Not sure what either one is yet.


Allison said...

I love your costume Noah! You look totally adorable in it - and OUT of your hat too. So glad you had a fun Halloween passing out candy. Maybe next year you will enjoy getting out of the house and collecting your own candy.

Anonymous said...

Noah, you are positively scary! Your daddy got the best photos of you and I love your handsome smile!
Love you too!

Dele said...

Noah, what were your mommy and daddy thinking when they put a STRAW hat on you - whew! Good thing they figured it out - you look SO much happier without scratchy straw!! You are growing so fast - you'll be walking in no time - then - WATCH OUT WORLD!!

Anonymous said...

Noah-Did you miss Thanksgiving? pop

Anonymous said...

I'm desperate for a first birthday post!!
Hugs a lot to you, Noah!

Anonymous said...

Noah-Your parents are both tech-nerds...get one of them to update the blog before you're in high school...for Pete's sake...pop