Thursday, April 16, 2009

Golfin' Fun With Tutu

Hi, Party People!

This last weekend we went to Tutu and Sir's desert house in La Quinta (that's Dada's Mama and Dada).

On Friday, Tutu and Sir's new golf cart arrived so Tutu, Mama and I took it for a spin down to the driving range. Oh, the house is on a golf course and we can wave to golfers from the patio if we want.
Mama and I watched Tutu take a few swings. Tutu is an excellent golfer and her balls went really far!
Then Mama took a few shots, too. She's not a golfer but she did OK in my book.
Then I noticed a whole bunch of awesome white balls just sitting there in a pile waiting for me to pick them up. I had to take two home with me—one for each hand, of course. Hopefully the golf police won't arrest me for stealing balls. I'm a fugitive!

The next day is Holy Saturday. Mama says we are going to color eggs and do an egg hunt. Don't know what those are yet but I'm sure I'll find out. Ta-ta for now!


Allison said...

Wow Noah that looks like a great place to spend a weekend! I bet Tutu and Sir have a pretty cool pad and the golf cart looks FAB - especially if it takes you to an (almost) unlimited supply of little white balls!

Anonymous said...

Allison said what I was thinking...happens a lot!
Love, ~meg