Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stormy Weather (Well, Sort of...)

Today it rained. Well it sort of rained. In true Southern California fashion, it rained overnight and spritzed a bit this morning. I was prepared, though. Great-Grammy Mary bought me this awesome rain coat and I decided to wear it to daycare anyway.
Unfortunately, Mama couldn't get me to take my thumb out of my mouth long enough to take a decent photo. Oh, well.
The back is the best part. It has a cool fire truck on it. Neat! Maybe it will rain again soon and I can wear all my rain gear. If you remember, I have neato frog boots that I got for my birthday from Uncle Jon, Aunt Jenn and Cousin Jack, so I'm all set when it rains for real. A Southern California boy can dream, can't he?


Allison said...

Good luck getting some rain, Noah! Until then you sure look good in your gear!

Jenn said...

Cute! As Jack will tell you, you don't necessarily need rain to wear your rain boots!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little rain duck! Grammy walked all over the outlets to find the rain gear for Noah and Jack! Looks like it will be good for this rainy season and next!

Meg said...

So Grammy has a crystal ball it seems!?!?!? The wisdom of age! Now Noah and Jack are the most prepared 2 year olds in SoCal-got sand bags? You need to get a picture of the two of them for the TV news! Go find Al Roker, he's in LaCanada!!

Anonymous said...

Put him on the payroll! Pop

Anonymous said...

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