Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm a Month old today! Paaaartay! Jan 12, 2008

Hey Everyone! I'm a month old today! Whoohoo! I couldn't exactly blow out the cake, but sneezing sure put it out! This is my grandma Mimi holding me here.

That same day, I got to sleep over at the house with Mimi and Pop. It was like having a little vacation away from my parents. I had a great time! My mommy and Daddy got to rest. APPARENTLY, I keep them up all night... the nerve...

My Pop is cuddly, so I conked out early. Catch you next time!

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Dele said...

Dearest Noah,
Haven't had a chance to write yet - I love your pictures - you are growing so fast - and are just as cute as a button! Mimi and pop keep us up to date on your latest doings and it sounds like you love your Mom and Dad very much and they love you more than ever!
Dele and Jim