Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Eve at Mimi's and Pop

Hello everyone, it's me Noah! I've been so tired lately, that I've been napping alot during the day, and my daddy has been too tired to type for me. Sorry about the lack of updates!

Anywho, here I am at Mimi and Pop's (Pat and Mike Livingston, mommy's parent's) for christmas eve celebration. This is this babies first christmas,and boy oh boy am I spoiled. I got a bunch of new outfits so I'll be stylin' when I go about town.

Below is my Great Grandmother Mary Livingston feeding my my bottle!

There was alot of activity. I started poopin out early. Jon and Pop sung to Jack, my cousin. Here's a clip for your enjoyment.

Christmas eve was fun and very special. I love hanging out with my family all together. I even got a great picture with my parents!

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Meg said...

WOW Noah! You had a very special Christmas you're a lucky little boy to have sucha great family! Two great-grammas too!! Lotsa people love you lots!
Thank you for including the song from Pop and Uncle Jon, one of my favorites. It was really nice to see you and Mimi jump in at the end too. Happy First Year! Love, ~meg