Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pots, Pans and Ice Cream

I figured out how to get into that kitchen cabinet this week. Mama was busy washing dishes so I nonchalantly made my way over there and pulled out a few to check them out. Wow, banging pots and pans is so much fun!
Oooops, she caught me. Now I'm busted!
Maybe not. After the cabinet incident, Mama let me have some ice cream. It was fabulous!
OK, so let me get this straight. You get into something that you know is bad, Mama catches you and then you get ice cream. Works for me!


Anonymous said...

Great Update on our Grandson!! We can't wait to see Noah and all of his fans on Father's Day at Jon and Jen's house. "Sir"

Allison said...

I will have to remember that trick if I am ever over at your house Noah. I do like ice cream!!

Anonymous said...

Noah you are the cutest cutest cutest and so is your Mommy.

I love you both -
from Mimi