Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

On Saturday, we went to Tutu and Sir's house to celebrate the 4th of July. Mimi, Pop and Great-Grammy Mary came, too! By the way, happy birthday, Great-Grammy! I love you sooooo much!

I was all ready for the festivities. I even wore a hat that I made at daycare. I am definitely an "All American Boy"!
There was lots of yummy food. I tried potato chips for the first time and LOVED them. Mimi couldn't give them to me fast enough.
I also found lots of decorations in Tutu's garden and decided to redecorate a bit. I'm kind of into moving things from one place to another these days (definitely for another post).

But the best part about the day was my swim in the big pool with Dada (actually, everyone took me for a cruise around the pool). I am getting really good at kicking and even tried floating a bit. Fun, fun, fun!

So happy 4th of July, everyone! And happy birthday to the USA! See you again very soon...


Allison said...

Love the hat Noah! And who wouldn't just LOVE potato chips - you are an All American Boy!

Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Noah! You are the best swimmer! You were very brave jumping off the side of the pool to me! Some day we'll go snorkeling together and see beautiful sea turtles! Love you, Tutu

Hugh said...

We had a great All American 4th of July BBQ! Noah, you look great in your handcrafted hat. You especially liked the little seat that is carved into the long side of the pool that has the small tile fish in the plaster under the water level! Happy 4th of July!

Jenn said...

Noah is very smart -- potato chips are a great snack! Can't eat just one!