Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Toddler-Sized Furniture Just for Me!

Hi, everyone!

On Saturday, Mama and Dada decided it was time to get me some of my own toddler-sized furniture. So we headed out to Ikea and picked up a few gems. Here I am in my new lounger. It reminds Mama of the chair Will Smith sat in during "Men in Black." Whatever, Mama. All I know is I look so cool!
I also got a table and chairs. Here I am sitting pretty in one of my new chairs. Dada did all the building and I supervised.
Then I decided to get in there and do my part. Here I am helping Dada put together the table.
All finished! Fits me like a glove, don't you think...
I also got a cool new tent. I brought in lots of blankies and made myself right at home. Here I am with Mama watching "Yo, Gabba Gabba!"
And last but not least, we picked up some new toy bins for our downstairs play area. About three seconds after Mama got it all set up I had already figured out how to remove all my stuff. What can I say, I'm a busy guy.

So have a super week, everyone! I'm getting a haircut on Saturday (yikes!) and going to Kidspace with Cousin Jack on Sunday so I will have lots to share next week. Stay tuned...


Allison said...

Way cool, Noah, I love your new furniture. I can't wait to see your haircut and playdate! You will have so much fun this weekend!

Anonymous said...

OK, ready for more pix! :)

After the lapse on Jack's blog, I'll worry if there is too much time between posts! Sorry, just in my DNA

Anonymous said...

Noah, you look like such a big boy now with your own furniture! Let's have a pizza party on your new table!
Love you -

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know...Ali will be camping. Pop