Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome to California, Emily Rose!

I know some of you already saw photos of our visit with our new friend, Emily Rose, from Texas on Jack's Blog but I wanted to share my own thoughts about our afternoon of fun. Emily was traveling in Orange County with her Mama and Dada (Allison and Paul) and her Mimi and Papa (Meg and Denny). So how could they be in California without meeting Jack and me?

At first Jack and I were not too sure what to think of our beautiful new friend. Jack thought he'd break the ice by taking photos of everyone.
We've been following Emily on her blog for over a year now. She was even more stunning in the flesh. Look at that smile!
Then we decided to take in a few minutes of the football game.
And we even played nicely together and shared the toys.
Here's a photo of all the ladies at our party. From left to right, Dele (our good family friend and frequent blog follower), Allison (Emily's Mama), Ali (my Mama), Grammy Mary (my great-grandma), Meg (Emily's Mimi), Aunt Jenn (Jack's Mama), Pat (my Mimi). Wow that's a lot of I Mamas and Mimis. It was so nice to visit with Allison and Meg. They have been such good fans of my blog and we were all so thrilled to finally talk and play in person.
Then we all moved outside for some real fun. Jack shared his wagon with Emily and me and even tried to pull us around the yard.
Then Dada pulled Emily and Jack and I helped.
Then I thought I'd push Emily and Jack. Hours of fun ensued. What an absolutely priceless afternoon we all had!

Thanks so much, Emily, Allison, Meg and Denny, for such a great visit. We look forward to seeing all of you again very soon...


Jenn said...

We had a great time with everyone! It was so great to see the babies interacting. I especially love the group photo of the women.

Allison said...

What a fun fun fun afternoon! We just arrived home this evening and I am trying to get caught up. My first priority is sleep and then I will get to sharing my pictures. Thank you for your compliments of Emily... we were soooo happy to meet "the boys." :)

Anonymous said...

What great photos from Jenn and Ali. The rest of us better get ours "up" somewhere soon. It was too great a day to believe! Thanks to everyone for making it all happen. I am so looking forward to welcoming the Morrises to our California Family for real!
Mimi, Gamma, Pat

Anonymous said...

BOY OH BOYS AND GIRL! Can't believe we got the babies together after watching them grow on the internet! It was more than fun to see them interacting although difficult to document it with any stop action camera. I personally can't wait to try this again! I'll get my record of the day out there in space and share more of the fun! Yaya has my pix too for ER's blog. Thanks for the memories!
Love ~meg