Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dinner at Our Favorite Restaurant

Hi, friends!
On Thursday, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant in Lahaina...Pacific O's! The Dirstines have enjoyed many special meals there and it is the very place that Uncle Jimmy proposed to Aunt Darlene in 2006. Neat, huh? The restaurant has beach access so you can walk down and take photos during sunset.
Here I am in my special Aloha outfit that Mimi and Pop-Pop picked up for me when they were cruising the islands this summer. Am I adorable or what?
And here is Dada's next attempt at capturing the perfect Maui sunset. What's your favorite one so far?
Here is our cute little family posing on the beach. Priceless!

Thanks, Pacific O's, for another memorable dinner. See you next year...


Allison said...

I love your little outfit, Mimi and Pop-Pop did a great job! Plus, your Mama and Dada look good in their duds as well! I am pretty hungry but I must say, the drinks at Pacific O's look quite tasty too! Hope you have/had a safe and quick trip back. I loved being in Maui with you this week!

Meg said...

Sunsets look GOOD! Noah you ARE adorable in your aloha wear! What a fun time you've had in Maui! Lucky boy!