Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Pickin' 2009

On Sunday, we took a trip up to Lombardi Ranch in Saugus for some pumpkin patch fun. It's only about 20 minutes away from our house. It was a bit windy and rather hot but we went early, had a great time and wore our Halloween shirts anyway! Here I am with Mama picking out my traditional little pumpkin. Last year Dada drew me on my pumpkin complete with my two little front teeth. I wonder what he'll draw this year...
And here I am meeting a big horsey. Nice, horsey...
Here I am looking for big pumpkins. I had my eye on a big green one...Mama and Dada couldn't figure it out. I guess I liked the green ones so we brought one home.
While there, we even took a train ride through the corn and sunflowers to see the scarecrows. I loved it and kept saying "whoo, whoo" the whole time. Mama thought I was adorable.
And I even went to the petting zoo. As soon as we got inside, I said "baaa, baaa." Pretty smart, huh? I loved petting the goats. And I was super gentle, too.
This goat loved Dada. I wonder why...
We also saw cows (of course I said "moo, moo" to them), chickens, an ostrich, a llama, donkeys, turkeys, pigs, bunnies, geese and ducks. It was amazing!
I thought I'd leave you with a shot of Mama and me in a sea of pumpkins...
...a cool shot of the boys on some hay stacks...
...and a funny photo of me! OK, I think I'm officially ready for I just have to figure out what tricks and treats are. Stay tuned...

Happy Birthday, Great-Grandma Betty!

On Saturday, we celebrated Great-Grandma Betty's 90th birthday! She's Dada's Grandma and Sir's Mama. All of us Dirstine's went to Tutu and Sir's for a big party. Here's Great-Grandma Betty with Great-Grammy Mary and neighbor Jo. She got a Mister Roger's card...hey, I know that guy!
Here are some of the party-goers: Aunt Mary (it was her 50th birthday, too) and Cousins Patricia and Shannon.
Of course I had to explore Tutu's garden. I got really wet in her fountain and smelled the limes on her tree. I don't know what's more fun...checking everything out or having Tutu chase me?
Here's Great-Grandma and all of her children: in front Aunt Linda and Aunt Mary, and in back Uncle Chris (who came all the way from Boise), Aunt Suzanne (who came all the way from Colorado) and of course Sir. Cool, huh?
And here are four generations of Dirstines...priceless, huh?
Finally it was time for cake. Oh boy!
Mimi and Pop were there, too! Mimi even shared her cake with me. Score!
So happy birthday, Great-Grandma Betty! I love you!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Few More Sunsets from Dada

All I can say is "WOW"...
And "Ahhh"...

Nuf said.
Well, we've had a wonderful time in Maui but it's time to say aloha. See you again in August 2010...

Dinner at Our Favorite Restaurant

Hi, friends!
On Thursday, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant in Lahaina...Pacific O's! The Dirstines have enjoyed many special meals there and it is the very place that Uncle Jimmy proposed to Aunt Darlene in 2006. Neat, huh? The restaurant has beach access so you can walk down and take photos during sunset.
Here I am in my special Aloha outfit that Mimi and Pop-Pop picked up for me when they were cruising the islands this summer. Am I adorable or what?
And here is Dada's next attempt at capturing the perfect Maui sunset. What's your favorite one so far?
Here is our cute little family posing on the beach. Priceless!

Thanks, Pacific O's, for another memorable dinner. See you next year...

Bubba Gump's Sunset

Hi, everyone!
Well, we are spending our very last day in Maui today so I thought I'd give you a few final posts before we leave.
On Wednesday, we went to Bubba Gumps for dinner. That was not the amazing part. Dada has been in search of the most perfect Maui sunset to photograph and I think he got near perfection outside the window during dinner on Wednesday. Here we are in front of the window...
And here is Dada'a sunset photo. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adventures at the Pirate Pool

Hey, cyber fans!
I'm still in Maui! Having a great time so far. Here's what we did on Sunday...
We woke up that morning to an amazing rainbow outside our window. It kept moving closer and closer until it was almost at the beach. Spectacular!
Then we thought we'd check out the pirate pool. That's right, a pool for us kiddies that has a big pirate ship right in the middle. Here I am checking out the pool for the first time with Mama. Not so sure what to think quite yet...There is a cool slide at the top of the ship. Sir volunteered to take me down. Here are some photos...

And here's a photo of my first trip down the slide. I loved it!
So Sunday was a blast, too! See you later...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our First Day in Maui

We woke up on Saturday and we were in Maui. Cool! We're staying at the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas. We spent the whole day at the pool. It was the greatest! Here's a shot of the baby pool. I loved it because I can stand in it all by myself.
Check out my awesome outfit. Am I ready for swimming or what?
Here I am lounging by the pool with Tutu. It was so relaxing...
And here are Dada and I in the pool. I loved it!
Check me out walking all around with Tutu. I was having a ball!
Then I started feeling a bit sleepy. Playing in the water is tough work.
So I took a nap with Mama. Boy, this Maui place is fun, fun, fun!
Stay tuned for my first beach trip...

My First Trip to the Beach

On Saturday, Dada took me down to the beach for the very first time. We just had to walk down a short path and there we were! Here I am checking out the water...
Touching the water with my feet for a the first time...
Waiting for the next wave. Not so sure I liked having my feet sink into the sand.
Then Dada took me into the water. It was nice.

So the beach...not too bad. I didn't exactly love it but we'll have to try again later this week...

On My Way to Maui...

Hi, everyone!

I am in Maui! I'm having a great time so far (keep reading for my adventures so far). Here I am on my first plane ride. Mama says I was very good. I watched Yo Gabba Gabba on my portable DVD player and colored lots of pictures. I slept for two hours and only complained on the descent. Other than that, my first plane ride was a success!

See you later...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Adventures with Big Boy

Today we went to Bob's Big Boy. They just opened a new one in Sun Valley near Mimi and Pop's house so we thought we'd all check it out. When we first arrived, there was Big Boy waiting to great us. I wasn't so sure what to think of him at first. Is this thing real or what?
Then Mimi convinced me to take a photo with him. Still not sure if he's real or not.
There was an even bigger one outside the restaurant. Wow, seriously. Then Aunt Jenn caught us and said we probably shouldn't be standing there. That's when Mimi stepped in the puddle by Big Boy's feet. She thought maybe he went pee-pee. Silly Mimi!
Then Jack had to check out Big Boy, too. Hmmm, we both have the exact same look on our faces: part intrigue and part complete terror.
So Bob's Big Boy was pretty much like everyone remembered: they still serve Pappy Parker's Chicken to Uncle Jon's delight (Mimi says he practically lived off those meals when he was little) and the Big Boys were, well, "Bob-tastic." Pop kept telling everyone what everything cost back in his day. Did you know that the Big Boy Combo was only $1.29 in the Stone Age?...amazing! All in all, we had a blast as usualour afternoon with the Livingstons was a riot.
So this time next week we will be in Maui! Mama is taking her laptop with her so that we can update you every few days. So next time we meet, I'll be an islander! Cool! Have a great week and see you soon...Aloha!

Mowing the Lawn with Dada

Hi, eveyone! Hope you had a great weekend. I sure did.
On Saturday, I was hanging out watching some Yo Gabba Gabba and noticed that it was a spectacular day.
Hey, Dada, whatcha doing out there? It looks fun! I wonder if Mama would let me come outside to see you...
Success! Dada explained that he was mowing the lawn. Sounds like fun. Can I try? You could sit this one out, Dada, I've got you covered...
Well, I couldn't push the mower cuz I am too small but I definitely can push the trash can. Watch me!
See, all the Mac n' Cheese eating has paid off. Dada says I 've got some serious muscles. Next week I'm going to learn how to prune rose bushes...