Monday, February 22, 2010

"What's That?" Stage

So I entered a new stage in my life a few weeks ago: the "what's that?" stage. All day long I ask anyone who will listen, "what's that?" What can I say, I'm curious. We could be driving in the car, playing or reading a book and I need to know what everything is. Mama and Dada think I am adorable.

On Saturday, my Mimi and Pop-Pop came to babysit me so Mama and Dada could finally have a Valentine's Day dinner out. Hey, better late than never, right? We picked up this awesome Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, the THINKS You Can Think," along with this cute stuffed bird to match the story.

Mama captured this cute little video of me reading my new book yesterday morning. So you will see my "what's that?" stage in action. Enjoy!


Meg said...

Darling! You do a good job of carefully turning the pages of your book, Noah!

Allison said...

So cute. I love to hear all of his talking, especially, "the end" and "buh-bye." That is a cool stuffed toy too!

Anonymous said...

Noah - we are so glad you liked the book and bird we got you! We had so much fun having dinner and going shopping with you!
You really liked your mac and cheese!
We love you -
Mimi and Pop Pop

Marirose said...

Noah, you know so many words now. Asking "what's that" is a great way to learn more and boy!!! Tutu