Monday, February 1, 2010

Early Valentine's Day

See, I told you I'd be seeing you VERY soon! Hee, hee!
On Saturday, Tutu and Sir took care of me at their house so that Mama and Dada could catch a movie. "Sherlock Holmes" has only been out for a month so it was about time they saw it, right? Ah, life with a toddler is so much fun...
While I was there, Tutu and Sir gave me a few early Valentine's Day gifts. Score! Here I am with my new frog. He plays "Every Breath You Take" by The Police (Mama says they are from the '80s and they RULE...whatever, Mama) and his eyes flutter and he flirts with you. You know how I love motion friends, so I only pushed the frog's play button, oh, like 50 times.
Here's a little video of me checking out my frog's awesome moves...and adding a few moves of my own.
I also got a couple of sticker coloring books. Oh, boy! And I was almost out of stickers, too. Here I am pulling off a few truck stickers. Cool!
Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for babysitting little old me and for the neato Valentine's Day gifts!
I'm going to the dentist for the first time on Saturday and Dada says there is this thing called the Super Bowl on Sunday. So I will have a lot to post about this weekend. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

The first time you called me "Mimi," Noah, I was thrilled. You are learning so many words now and it is such fun to watch you grow.

I love you

Marirose said...

Noah, We are so glad you loved your flirty frog and sticker books. Mama and daddy need to go out to movies more often so we can play with you. You also did great using your fork at dinner time...good boy!
Tutu and Sir who love you

Allison said...

You are one LUCKY boy and very well loved!! Glad Mama and Dada were able to go see a movie. I think I might try that again some day.

Meg said...

Looks like a fun visit and loot to take home...nice! The DENTIST?!?!?! you'll do fine! :)