Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So today, while I was eating dinner, I spied something on the counter that I just had to have.
You guessed it: popcorn! Mommy bought some the other day at Sam's Club in a big red bag and she thought I wouldn't see it. But I am an amazing toddler with super senses. I saw it and had to have some. I mean I kept saying, "Popcorn! Popcorn!" Mommy finally gave in to my pleas and gave me some during dinner. Score! Here I am avoiding the mac n' cheese and going for the popcorn instead.

Here's a little video of me explaining my love for the stuff. Enjoy!


Marirose said...

Noah! Wow! Tutu loves popcorn too! I'll make some for you next time you come over, the good, healthy kind, air popped! Popcorn forever, yeah!!!!!

Allison said...

Popcorn is the best! So cute how you say, "I love popcorn!"

Anonymous said...

So glad you discovered Popcorn! I love how you said "I LOVE popcorn!" Your mommy used to call it "pa-corn!" Love you, sweet Noah!