Monday, February 7, 2011

It Was a SUPER Bowl

Yesterday was Super Bowl XLV (that's 45 for those of you who don't do well with Roman numerals)! As has been our tradition for the last decade, we spent the afternoon cheering on the Steelers and Packers with our good friends, Ian and Danielle. The Makis always throw an awesome party. complete with great food, yummy drinks (served in customized souvenir glasses) and, of course, lots of fun.
I even wore my football shirt for the occasion. I sat with Daddy to watch the game for about 30 seconds. There was so much to do.
Mimi and Pop-Pop were there, too. They root for The Steelers because they are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mimi even wore a Steelers jersey. Now that's devotion, people.
Here is a very happy Pop-Pop as his beloved Steelers scored a touchdown. Whoohooo!
Wow, even Uncle Jon was there! Thumbs up for sure!
Here's one of our hosts, Danielle (right), with her sister, Theresa. Theresa and her finance, Jeremy, are getting married in one month. Oh, boy!
Our friend, Anton, manned the grill. Look at those hamburgers and sausages, will ya!
But I had more important things to do. Like ride this bike...
And bounce in the bounce house.
Jump, jump, jump! I gotta get me one of these things!
And my friend, Caden, was nice enough to let me try out his remote controlled car.
That thing was fast so I was much safer up on this bucket.
Then it was time for Half Time. That's Mommy's favorite part, aside from the food. I really enjoyed The Black Eyed Peas, and even clapped along and danced, too.
Then I got tired so Mimi and I watched from a chair.
Then it was time to eat! Our friend, Mary, sure was proud of her burger. There were so many topping choices it made the adults' heads spin. Ian and Danielle certainly out did themselves this year!
I had my new usual. But I did save room for dessert: Mimi's famous Texas Sheet Cake. Yummy!
But even though The Steelers did not claim victory this time (boo), it was still a Super Bowl! Hope you had lots of fun watching the big game. I sure did!


Allison said...

Fun, fun, fun! Looks like you weren't slowed down one bit by the game on TV! Good choice on the bucket, those things will run you over if you drive them into yourself... I mean, aren't careful!

Meg said...

Golly Gosh! That is a party fit for the sky boxes!! You're a lucky fellow to be included in the revelry! You made the best of all the extras too it seems!

Anonymous said...

Great party...great fun...wrong winner. Next year the mighty Steelers will prevail!!