Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good-bye, Auntie Da!

Last night, we went over to Tutu and Sir's house to say good-bye to Auntie Da. Her eight weeks of clinic work here in L.A. are now finished and she is ready to fly back to Miami for another internship before graduation. Awwww! We loved having Darlene with us here and we were very sad to see her go. Here I am giving her a big Noah style hug when she came home from her last day at work.
We had a lot of fun, too! Aunt Mary and Great-Grandma Betty came over to say good-bye as well. Tutu cooked us a wonderful curry chicken dinner complete with baked potatoes and apple pie for dessert.

I spent my time dancing to "New York, New York"...
Playing with some of Daddy's old toys, like this robot...
And watching a few of my favorite shows.
Unfortunately, the night had to come to an end. Auntie Da gave everyone a big hug. Here she is with her Grandma...
And her Mom and Dad. I was too busy for pictures so I gave my best grumpy frown.
And her Aunt Mary...
And, of course, her brother and sister-in-law.
And don't forget me, her favorite nephew! We had so much fun just being silly together. Boy, am I going to miss my Auntie Da. Maybe we can come visit you and Uncle Jimmy in Turks and Caicos someday. That would be fun!

I couldn't leave without giving Auntie Da one of my super big hugs, as only I can give. Here's a little video of my silliness.

Have a safe trip back to Miami, Auntie Da, and we'll see you again very soon! It was such a treat to have you here with us for two whole months! We love you!

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Mimi said...

Wishing all the best to Auntie Da! You certainly gave her a great send - off, Noah! You are the supreme hugger!

Love you