Sunday, May 29, 2011

Legoland Adventure: Day 1

On Sunday, we began our Legoland Adventure! Oh, boy, I was so excited! I had been talking about this trip for weeks and weeks and I could hardly believe that we were finally on our way. Yeah!

On the way down to Carlsbad for three days of fun, we stopped at the South Coast Plaza to eat lunch at The Rainforest Cafe. I liked it but the jungle noises bothered me a little bit. I had to keep my eyes on all those gorillas, elephants and such. They were shifty.

We sat right next to the waterfall. It was so cool.
But the best part was getting this neat balloon from the balloon lady. It's a monkey on a palm tree complete with bananas and everything. Of course I popped part of the tree before we even made it to the car. We have our memories and this photo as a reminder, thank goodness.

We finally arrived at our hotel. Hurray! After getting settled, we decided to check out Legoland for a few hours. So off we went!

Hotel guests have their own entrance to the park at the very back. So we started out in Castle Hill. There was this awesome play area with slides and tunnels. Boy, I already love this place!

My first official ride was this horse. I got to ride all by myself. I waved at Mommy at the end. What a blast!

After the horse ride, Daddy and I stopped for a photo in these locks. Good thing Mommy had the key or we'd still be there.

Then we made our way down to Miniland USA. There are many many models of American streets on display and guess what? They are all made completely out of Legos. Oh, boy, let's check them out!

Our favorites were the Hollywood Bowl...

Mann's Chinese Theater...

And Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Hey, I think that's San Francisco! Cool!

Wow, these models are so neat! Let's look at a few more, Mommy!

Ooooo, a farm! This one even had some buttons to push. The buttons made things move and talk on the models. I loved them, of course.

Did I tell you that I loved the buttons? Just checking. I made sure to find all of them that I could. The folks had to pry me away from them. Silly!

After Miniland, we went on a harbor cruise. Daddy and I were ready.

There were Lego animals like this lovely elephant.

And cool models like the Eiffel Tower...

Mount Rushmore...

The Taj Mahal...

And even a cool octopus band. Awesome!

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to Legoland for the day. See you tomorrow...


Mimi said...

How Fun!!! So glad you had such a good time on your vacation, Noah! Cam gave me a Lego Set her boys used for you and Jack! I bet you learned a lot about building with legos. Can't wait to see the next group of photos.

Love you!

Meg said...

I had NO IDEA!! Those little blocks are magical...keep kids of all ages captivated for sure! Thanks for the tour...have more fun on your trip!!

Allison said...

Heard it is a great great place for kids your age, Noah! So glad you are getting to check it all out!! I wonder if you are staying at the hotel I have heard so much about too... I will have to talk with your Mommy!
Oh, and by the way - you drove right past our house... did you wave?!

Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

Love the pirate hat Noah! You and mommy and daddy had such a great time. I'm sure you'll go back again real soon. So much to see and do. Legoland is a great place for kids. Tutu and Sir