Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter...Take 2!

On Sunday, we went over to Great-Grammy's house for a second Easter celebration with Cousin Jack. Remember, he was sick on Easter so we still had an egg hunt to do together. So Grammy hid a whole bunch of eggs in her front and back yards and Jack and I went to work!
Here's one!

I think I see a few more.

Grammy had to point some of them out to us. She's a good egg hider.

Hey, I found another one. Cool!

After we were sure we'd found all the eggs, Jack and I did what any three-year-old would do: we sat down and opened our eggs (and of course, ate the treats inside).

Oooo, there are veggie chips in this one. Yummy!

Here we are stuffing our faces. Jack discovered that if you pour the contents into your mouth, you have better luck eating all the treats. Whatever works, right?

After the egg hunt, we sat down to open a few more Easter goodies. We each got a Batman car from our Aunt Bea and Uncle Mike.

And Aunt Jenn had a few great Easter books for us.

And I even got a Color Wonder set. They are my favorite (and Mommy's favorite, too, since the markers only color on the paper and not on your clothes or the rug or the get the idea).

But the highlight of the afternoon was when we opened these silly bunny suckers.

We had a ball and laughed so hard we couldn't keep our suckers in our mouths.

I know I say this a lot but I am so lucky to have a cousin like Jack to be crazy with. We are such pals!

So our second Easter celebration was also a big success! Thanks, Great-Grammy, for having us...we had quite an adventure!


Meg said...

Well, what fun to have an encore Easter egg hunt with your best pal! I like the silly bunny suckers too!

Mimi said...

We had so much fun watching you and Jack, Noah! Good job opening all those eggs!

we love you