Thursday, June 2, 2011

Legoland Adventure: Day 3

On day three of our Carlsbad trip, we went to the Sea Life Aquarium, which is right next door to Legoland.
Here we are before going inside for some underwater fun. Oh, boy!

As soon as we stepped inside, we knew there would be lots of great animals to see. I was so excited!

Being right next door to Legoland, the aquarium had lots of Lego friends, too. Like this surfer girl and octopus. Neat!

Mommy and I loved these fish. They were so pretty.

One of the aquarium's newest attractions is the Octopus' Garden. And sure enough, there were lots of octopuses to see.

This guy even showed us his tentacles! Fun fact: do you know why they call it an octopus' garden? Well when they eat shellfish, their favorite food, they spit out the shells in little piles outside their dens. So it's like they are planting a little garden. Bet you didn't know that!

There was even a cute little octopus that was so small it fit in this can. Sweet!

Here I am enjoying a special room that taught us all about how fish travel in schools. I wonder if they go to preschool like me?

Then we ventured to a patio area. There were Legos to build a sandcastle with...

And a neat touch pool. I got so excited I almost fell in. Good thing Daddy was there to keep me out of the water.

Next we saw some awesome jellyfish. They glowed in the dark!

Daddy and I sure loved exploring the tanks. We were having a blast!

Finally, we came to the shark exhibit. Whoohoo! There were lots of cool Lego statues inside the tank.

Wowee, look at that shark, Daddy! What a beauty!

We tried to take pictures of the sea horses in this exhibit but the tank was too dark. This is our best attempt. You'll just have to trust me when I say that they were neat!

Then we arrived at the other end of the shark tank. There was this cool submarine inside.

I was really digging the sharks. Love it!

Mommy tried to take a picture of the clown fish in this tank, AKA Nemos, but those little buggers moved too fast. Oh, well.

Checking out a tank with Daddy. Hi, fishies!

Hey, it's a grouper. Those things are so cool because they look just like rocks.

Oooo, a ray. I loved watching these guys's almost like they are flying in the water.

I especially liked these windows in the tanks where you could get a close up view of the fish and take a neat picture at the same time. Cheese!

Here's another one. Mommy and I never looked so good.

One last photo of me and Lego Sponge Bob before saying goodbye. What a neat aquarium!

Back at our hotel, I had to take my picture in front of this Lego flower arrangement in the lobby. We passed by it every day and I had to point it out to Mommy and Daddy every time. I am so predictable!

Before we knew it, it was Wednesday and time to go home. Boo! One last picture of the view out of our hotel window. We sure had a blast at Leogland...I can't wait to come back soon for even more adventures!

But our vacation did not stop there! The next day, we were off to Tutu and Sir's desert house for a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend with Cousin Ella. Stay tuned...


Allison said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize the timeline of this trip! You really did make a vacation out of it!! Fun! I love all of your pictures but I had to laugh at the Nemo picture. So glad you included it so I could have a giggle this morning!!

Meg said...

You are one smiley guy, Noah! Had NO IDEA there was so much to see and do at Legoland!
XOXO ~meg