Thursday, January 19, 2012

Humana Challenge in La Quinta: Day 1

Today we drove out to Tutu and Sir's desert house in La Quinta for the Humana Challenge (formerly the Bob Hope Golf Classic). This is one of our favorite events of the year because all the golf action, with pro and celebrity golfers, goes right past Tutu and Sir's backyard. This year, Mimi and Pop-Pop joined us for the first time. We sure were looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with all the grandparents, I tell ya!

We were pretty tired when we arrived that evening so we went out to dinner at the La Quinta Resort's Adobe Grill. There was an awesome mariachi band playing so I got my groove on.
Tutu joined me. We had a blast!
Gotta love my Tutu! She's the best dance partner.
Soon the band traveled over to our section and they played us a couple of songs.
Then Sir and I spotted a familiar face in the room. Sir says that Greg Norman, an awesome pro golfer, was dining right across the restaurant from us. Apparently he was staying here with President Clinton of all people (he's going to golf with Mr. Norman on Saturday). OK, so I have no idea who these guys are but it sure was fun for the adults.
After a while, my tiredness caught up with me and I demanded that no more photos be taken of me for the day. Nothing like a tired four-year-old out past his bedtime.
Mia had fun, too. She spent most of dinner hanging out in her carrier taking it all in. I think she's wondering what all the fuss is about in this picture.

So our first day in the desert came to an end. Stay tuned for all the golf action tomorrow...

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Allison said...

You have so much fun in La Quinta!