Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Visit with Auntie Da

Today we had a visit with my Auntie Darlene at Tutu and Sir's house! She came all the way from Turks and Caicos to see me and my new baby sister for the first time. Mia was instantly in love with Darlene. Who wouldn't be? She's only the best auntie in town!
Daddy and I decided to try out my firetruck Lego set while we were there. I bought it with the rest of my Christmas money. There were a lot of pieces and the directions were pretty complicated. Auntie Da gave us boys lots of encouragement.
Good thing my Daddy is an accomplished Lego builder because he had that truck together in no time at all.
Wow, this thing is neat! It has a hose and everything.
Hurray for projects you can do with your Daddy! I think he had even more fun than me!
I was so glad to see my Auntie Da! She and I had lots of talks and a good spin around the room. We always seem to find time for that on our visits. Hee, hee!
I also showed everyone how my new Leap Pad worked. I especially love the game where you take care of your own creature. You can create it and feed it and bathe it and play with it. I made a dragon doggie that meowed like a cat. So much fun!
Soon it was time to say goodbye to Darlene. Awwww! Here she is with me and Mia for one last hug. Come back soon, Auntie Da! We love you!

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Allison said...

Wowee... a jam packed day of fun! I love your dragon doggie! It didn't need to breathe fire or bark loudly... I bet it's meow would have everyone running scared because it would shock them so. Who knows what else it was capable of if it was crazy enough to meow?! Good thinking!