Friday, January 20, 2012

Humana Challenge in La Quinta: Day 2

Today was day two of our La Quinta golf vacation. It was a glorious January day. Look at those beautiful mountains! A great day for some golf, for sure!
Here are the men assessing the golf situation. The guy in the middle is our friend Gary. He and his wife Linda have a house in La Quinta but on the other side of PGA West. So they came over for the good view from Tutu and Sir's house.
Did we see some great pros today? Of course we did! Here's Phil Mickelson on the green. He did pretty well.
And here I am playing with my race cars. I was not so interested in the golf.
Oh, hey, there's that Greg Norman guy from last night. He must be pretty important because the crowd following him was huge. I hardly noticed.
Daddy and I decided to take a break and lounge on the chaises.
Good thing I have a great Daddy to play with when the golf gets too boring for me.
And what did Mia do during all this golfing fun? Oh, you know, she slept through most of it. Good thing there were lots of adults to take turns feeding, snuggling and holding her.

At the end of day two, we had dinner at home. Pop-Pop barbequed some of his fish and Tutu made the side dishes. It was a fun and relaxing way to end the day. Stay tuned for even more golf fun tomorrow...


Allison said...

So, I gotta know... did you have to be super quiet the whole time?! That would be a LOT of work for a little guy!

Ali (Noah's Mommy) said...

If you are outside and there are golfers on the green putting, you do have to be quiet. It's kinda hard for four-year-olds but Noah did pretty well.