Saturday, December 15, 2007

First signs of Noah wanting to come into the world...

Hello everyone!

First off, we'd like to thank Jon and Jenn for the blog website and the idea.

We are Jeff and Alison, proud parents of Noah Hugh Dirstine. Since Noah doesn't have the ability to talk yet, Ali and I will be using our vast powers of extrasensory perception to delge into the mind of our infant. In this blog you will find the daily goings on with Noah, and his life adventures. Enjoy reading!

To Begin...

Noah made it known at 4:15am on 12/12/2007 that he wanted to let everyone see his face. Noah's Mom, Alison, started feeling contractions early in the morning, and by 6:15am, Noah's parents decided today was the day. We went to the hospital at 11am after timing contractions for 7 hours, but Kaiser said to go home because there wasn't enough activity. Here is Ali in the observation room.

So, with both Soon-To-Be-Grandmothers present, we all went to Coco's restaurant for some lunch, before we would spend the next 3 hours at Grandma Livingston's house. As the contractions increased, Noah was making it very well known that today was in fact the day and that he would have his 15 minutes of fame. Around 5pm the same day, we rushed back to the hospital, and this time Kaiser admitted her to the Labor and Delivery ward on the 5th floor. Alison was being actively monitored by the L&D staff for blood pressure, contractions, Noah's heart-rate, and much more. She was administered a epidural when the contractions became too tough to bear, and as you can see in the below picture, Alison is feeling quite good.

Noah, when he exploded onto the stage, was a bit upset at the accomodations. He made it quite well known that he would have potential as an Opera Singer later in life.

All Noah wanted was to be close to his mommy and daddy!

Jeff and Alison were very proud that day of the addition to the family.


Camille said...

Seeing Baby Noah and reading his insightful comments is wonderful! I wish I could be there in person to give him a butterfly kiss on his cheek. Thank you for bringing Noah into my home, 300 miles away! Happy days, Momy and Daddy!
Love, Cam

Dele said...

Welcome, Noah - beautiful, beautiful boy! Congratulations, Ali and Jeff - you will be the best parents - bless you all!
Dele & Jim

neets said...

Congrat to you! I was lucky enough to get all the details from a very proud grandma Pat last night. Enjoy - cherish every precious moment they go by so quickly. Give him a kiss on his little toes for me.

srgamble said...

Matt and Luke welcome their new buddy, Noah. No girlfriend, oh well!

baby said...

What an absolutely gorgeous baby, Alison and Jeff! But then, the apple doesnt fall far from the parental tree, right? We are so excited for you both..Our son, Rob, made us grandparents in September and Charlie is now 4 months old and the light of our lives...just as we are sure Noah is..I LOVE the name you chose for him.If ever you get to the East coast, Noah will have a friend here to play with.his own are always welcome...
Love, Dan and Cecelia de Mattos