Saturday, December 15, 2007

Second hour of LIfe

Hello! Now that my parents have introduced me, I'd like to tell you a little bit about my day so far. I'm 2 hours old, and all four of my Grandparents, Mimi and Poppi (Pat and Mike Livingston) and Tutu and Grandpa Hugh (Marirose and Hugh Dirstine) and Aunt Nora have been waiting anxiously to see my face. Here are the grandparents looking adoringly at me!

Here's Nora being happy she's my aunt. This is the Aunt who's going to teach me photography and art history!

I know I'm adorable, but who knew I'd get som much attention! This is awsome!

Here's my other Aunt Marisa Holding me at Kaiser! Aunt Marisa knows alot about Hawaiian culture. Though learning how to Hula might not be my "thing", I'd like to learn some chants.

There are so many more family members to meet, and I'm only a few hours old. I understand I have a cousin who is only a few months older than I. Can't wait to meet the dude so we can party in the future and compare diaper stories!


Jenn said...

This is Jack.

First of all, I can't wait to meet you. Don't be offended if I never look you in the eyes. I'll probably just be staring off into space. I do that a lot.

Second of all, I just made a huge poopie in my pants, so I have to go.

Nice blog so far...oh, wait here comes another crying tirade.


DARLENE said...

Hey Noah, it's Auntie D!!!!!! Can't wait to meet you in two weeks...I know you will have grown a lot, but I wanted to see you as soon as possible!!!! And hey, if you ever need dance lessons before prom night, you know who to call....dun dunna dunnnnnnnnn....Auntie D to the rescue!!!!!!!!!

Marirose said...

Hi Noah,
You are the most handsome baby boy in the whole world!! What smart parents you have to set up such a cool blog. I can't wait to hold you again. I'll see you today after work and so will Grandpa Hugh. We love you very much!
Grandma Tutu

Meg said...

Welcome Noah! You did a great job on your new blog---I hope it won't be too long before I get to see you in real life. Your Mimi is the greatest and she'll keep me updated on all things Jack and Noah! You just do your job and grow strong and healthy! Take care of your mommy and daddy too! ~megi

Mimi said...

Hi, Noah -
Sixteen years ago, as he graduated 8th grade, your Uncle Jon promised to "go out and get me some grandchildren." Finally, you and your cousin Jack are here. You are our dreams come true and we love you with a love as big as the sky! Be happy every day and know that you are wanted and loved more than you know. We love you,