Friday, December 21, 2007

Faju pays a visit and Great Starts Followup

So this morning, my mommy, daddy and I had a 3rd follow up visit at Kaiser's Great Starts department. I dont remember much of the ride, cause I fell asleep. Great Starts says I'm doing great, and real healthy. I've got a appointment with my pediatrician on the 27th of December. We'll see what the doctor says about me at that time. My mom and dad are taking really good care of me. My grandparents also can't wait to see me. I'm so loved! This is so totally awesome!

Faju payed me a visit on 12/20/2007. He had me all to himself. He's my mommy's dad. Grandpa Mike wants me to call him Pop. Pop is nice and warm, I like hanging out with my Pop. Here's a picture of the two of us:

I got hungry so my mommy fed me again. I love my mommy. It's been great having some home time, and not having to run out to the Great Starts Department at Kaiser. I like being home and being pampered!

My daddy dotes on my alot. he's also warm and fuzzy. Good thing for me!

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