Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picky Eater No More?

This is the face of a VERY picky eater. For those of you who have been loyal blog followers of mine, you know that I have about six things that I eat on a regular basis. Mommy has been working hard to get me to try new things, pretty much since I was a year old. Then at my three-year-old check up, my pediatrician said that I'm a bit wee and could stand to gain a few pounds and grow a few inches. Easier said than done, right? Then last night, Mommy had a break through of sorts.
She made me this peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the shape of a cowboy hat, just like the one my friend, Woody, wears. Good thing she has a bucket of 100 cookie cutters in the pantry and there was a cowboy hat shape. Whew! Hum, I bet you're wondering why I chose the cowboy hat shape? Let's see...

That guy is everywhere! Nuf said.
Mommy also made me a couple of chicken nuggets and gave me my old favorite, mac 'n cheese, as a side dish rather than the main course. And guess what? I ate the entire sandwich and about one whole nugget. Wow, right?!

Here's a video of me eating the sandwich just in case you do not believe me. Enjoy!

Then today at school, Miss Kitty told Mommy that I ate an entire hot dog for lunch. Then tonight, I ate another sandwich for dinner. So I guess I'm turning into a big boy right before your eyes! I might even grow a few inches and gain a few pounds over night. A Mommy can only hope.


Jenn said...

Yay -- I knew that would work! Good for you, there are so many more shapes to try and they all taste different. Ha ha.

Allison said...

GOOOOO Noah!!! Wowee zowee!! Just have to hit the 3 year mark and you are ready to turn things around huh? Good job little (soon to be big) guy! ;)

Marirose said...

Thanks for the video proof!!! I wouldn't have believed it otherwise! Good boy Noah!!! WhooHoo!!! Tutu

Anonymous said...

Yummy chicken and PBandJ! You're into the big time now, Noah! I am proud of you!

Love you too

Meg said...

That hat looked absolutely delicious! How GREAT that you've discovered cuisine beyond the venerable mac and cheese! You're in for a shock at the good stuff you've missed! Carry on, Noah! Good job!

Dele said...

PB & J - the perfect food! HeeHaa cowboy Noah!