Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Catching Up With Noah

So sorry we haven't posted in two weeks! Yikes!
Unfortunately, those little germmie sponges at daycare that I call friends gave me a super yucky cold. So I spent last weekend sick, sick, sick. I even had to stay home on Monday with Tutu and Tuesday with Mimi. Thank goodness for my loving and caring grandmommies...they were the BEST medicine. I even missed a spaghetti dinner at Great-Grammy's house. Now that's sick, people!
I finally felt better mid-week. Just to prove it, I settled in to read the Los Angeles Zoo Annual Report. OK, so I just liked the photos of the animals.
Wow, can't wait to see that new elephant exhibit everyone's talking about. Maybe in a few weeks...
Anyway, I was feeling well enough on Saturday to go to the car wash and Best Buy with Daddy (fun guy stuff, I tell you) while Mommy was at a bridal shower for our good friend, Theresa, with Mimi, Great-Grammy and Aunt Jenn. Then on Monday, we spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Mimi and Pop-Pop's house. Mimi made chili for the adults (yummy!) and mac 'n cheese for me.

While there, I had to try on the famous Iron Man mask Jack got with his Christmas money. It was awesome, as expected.
Mimi even treated Jack and I to ice cream for dessert. Does she know her boys, or what?!
I couldn't get it in fast enough! Love my ice cream!
Jack and I had to suffer through the deliciousness. What we wouldn't do for ice cream!
After a bath, Jack and I discovered bubble wrap. I could have popped that stuff for hours, I tell you. I was Noah the Focused for sure!
I am so glad I am finally on the mend. Being sick is no fun at all (especially for the adults, I think). Stay well out there, friends, and stay away from little germmie kiddos like me!


Dele said...

Pop-pop-pop...love that bubble wrap!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back to having fun, Noah! Enjoy your vacation next weekend in the desert with Tutu and Sir!

love you

Meg said...

I'm sorry to hear you got sick and couldn't go to school. At least that cold waited until all the fun holidays were passed! Glad it is all gone and you're back to GREAT!

Marirose said...

We had fun on your sick day at home Noah. I helped you dress up in your Halloween costumes for fun, the Broby outfit and the dragon too. You loved the dragon's tail. It was hard to get you into it the first year, but now you love it!So glad you are feeling better. Love you, Tutu

Allison said...

On the mend, that's what we like to hear! Sounds like aside from your illness you have been keeping busy and having some fun. Smart boy, ice cream makes everything better. :)