Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bob Hope Classic Weekend

We just spent a long weekend at Tutu and Sir's desert house for the annual Bob Hope Classic. It takes place at several local La Quinta golf courses and at a few of the courses right in the PGA West grounds. Cool, huh? The golfers, including pros, amateurs and celebrities, go right by Tutu and Sir's backyard. So we have this view of the action.
We did a lot of walking around to watch the golfing taking place at other holes. You're not supposed to take pictures anywhere near the fairways so this is the only shot you get of us walking.
As if the golf was not enough, Tutu and Sir got me this awesome new track system and cars. You can bend and twist the tracks any way you like. It is really something! Here I am testing it out...
Then I realized that the cars would run on the tile so I did that, too.
We spent most of the weekend lounging on the back porch taking in all the sites and eating lots of yummy food. Auntie Da came, too. It sure was nice spending time with her!
I also discovered these cool binoculars (I called them "noculars"). I used them to look for Daddy.
There you are!
It took me a while to focus on the golf action. Is this the right way?
OK, getting better...
Ah-ha! Now I can see. Is that DJ Lance Rock? Oh, no, it's just Bo Jackson. He knows golf, you know.
Boy this watching golf thing is pretty neat. I have to remember to be really quite, though. Wouldn't want to disturb the golfers' concentrations.
Oh, and did I mention that I ate A LOT of chips this weekend? I probably ate about three bags, much to Mommy's dismay. Yummy!
And I also got hooked on iPad. Tutu has this neato fairies app on hers and Daddy has all my favorite shows on his. At one point I cried because I wanted to keep playing and not put on my jammies and get ready for bed. Hee, hee! Here I am watching "The Fresh Beat Band" while Mommy, Tutu and Auntie Da went to the spa for some pampering. I stayed home with the boys.
So there you have it...another awesome Bob Hope Classic and a great weekend with my grandparents! Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for having us! It was a blast!


Allison said...

Sorry Noah... I can't remember anything except the part about how your Mommy got to go to the spa for some pampering. I am sure you had some wonderful things to say though.

Marirose said...

Noah, my fondest memory is of you walking around the Arnold Palmer Course during the final round carrying your "lovie" and walking next to your stroller while Mommy pushed the stroller with all your stuff in it. You are real sport!!! Tutu

Dele said...

What a fun-packed weekend, Noah! I'm alreading picturing you on the junior PGA tour!

Anonymous said...

Yep, you'll be out on the junior links in no time! Glad you had so much fun with your wonderful Tutu and Sir and Aunt Da!

Love you