Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Easter Celebration

On Sunday afternoon, we all went over to Tutu and Sir's house for a big Easter celebration, including an Egg Hunt for the kiddies. Ella and I were raring to go! I found a lot of eggs at the beginning.
My basket filled up very fast.

Some of the eggs were a bit more challenging to find and I would not stop until I was sure every last egg was found. That's some serious determination, people!

Ella was also a very good egg finder.

She search high and low and even on the bridge.

After the egg hunting, we took some pictures with the family. Here I am with Mimi and Pop-Pop.

And here's Ella with her Mommy and Daddy, my Aunt Marisa and Uncle Mike.

And here are Ella and I with our Tutu and Sir. So cute!

And here I am with Mommy and Daddy. Will you look at all those eggs! Wow!

What a fun and blessed Easter we had with our family! Thanks, Tutu and Sir, for hosting us all. And thanks, Easter Bunny, for all the treats! Let's do this again next week...


Grandma Marirose "Tutu" said...

We all had a blast, Noah! You and Ella are great egg finders! It was a most special Easter!

Meg said...

Nicely done, Noah! I liked seeing all the "family" pictures with you and Ella!

Allison said...

I love your pose at the end, Noah! Was Ella behind the camera? Looks like you are giving her a little na, na, na, na, na after finding SO many eggs!!
Then again... you would never do something like that. :)

Mimi said...

Just love the photos. What a special day!

Love you, Noah!