Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Jazz Concert at WHCC

On Sunday, September 18, we went to Tutu and Sir's country club for a special jazz concert and dinner. My Aunt Darlene (or as I like to call her "Auntie Da") was in town from Turks and Caicos so it was looking to be a fun evening for sure.

The Woodland Hills Country Club people are always really awesome to us little folks and this time they had a special pack full of fun things to do. There were stickers and an activity book...
Bubbles, which I LOVED...
And even some neato star sunglasses!
They had a super buffet dinner for all of us and I enjoyed mac 'n cheese, fruit and even some chicken strips (I know, chicken...I've been sort of eating it for Mommy and Daddy lately). Of course I also had some yummy chocolate and peach sorbet for dessert. Yummy!
As the sun was going down, it was time for the concert to begin! The CSUN Jazz Band was on site for some awesome tunes. They were actually very good. Mommy would expect nothing less from her alma mater. Go Matadors!
After a few minutes of watching the band, Tutu pulled out some homemade goo! She had made some for Cousin Ella earlier in the week and it was such a hit that she made some more and brought me some to play with at the concert. Auntie Da loved it, too.
Wow, this stuff is so cool! It even springs back to its original shape when you stretch it.
Auntie Da thought a goo mustache would look good on her. Yep, looks good to me!
So then I had to try it, too. Eat your heart out, Pop-Pop! I think I'm going to try growing one of these suckers.
Tutu even brought us some cookie cutters to try with the goo. We had at least an hour of fun making shapes. My Tutu is so smart, huh?
Later, Auntie Da and I cut a rug. The music was the best!
And we were treated to a lovely sunset! Wow!
Sir and I also had fun playing with these punch balloons that just happened to be in my fun pack. I had a blast!
Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. Awwww! Thanks so much, Auntie Da, for spending the evening with me. I always love your visits and can't wait for you to come back and see me soon. I love you!
And a big thank you to Tutu and Sir for inviting us to this really cool concert and dinner. I had so much fun playing and dancing and eating! Love you guys, too!
One last picture of Auntie Da with Mommy and Daddy. Oh, and Peanut, too! Have a safe trip back to the islands!

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Mimi said...

What a fun night, and, yes! you have a very smart Tutu!!! The photos are great. You are one very much loved little boy!