Saturday, September 24, 2011

Noah the Car Wash Helper

On Saturday, I decided to be helpful to my Daddy. He said it was time to give his car a wash and I said, "sounds like fun to me!" I quickly found that there is a lot to learn about washing cars, something I had never done before. First, Daddy says you have to dust and clean everything on the inside of the car. He gave me my very own duster and I got to work.
I dusted up high and down low...
Then I saw my cute little self in the rear view mirror so I had to stop and take a look. Am I handsome or what!
Once the inside was clean, Daddy and I set to work on the outside of the car. First, he showed me how to clean the rims and the tires. He had a brush for me to use and everything.
Then came the super fun part: we hosed the tires off with this sprayer. Daddy has lots of car washing toys as you can see.
I was really into the spraying part. It was awesome!
Then Daddy sprayed the rest of the car with water so that we could give it a bath with soap.
I stood in the safety of the garage with Mommy so I didn't get wet.
Then Daddy filled this big bucket full of soap and water. I had to watch.
Then he showed me how to use this neat handled scrubber.
Then I was off on my own. I did a pretty good job considering I am just a small boy. Mommy thinks the scrubber was taller than me. Maybe I need a more manageable tool, Daddy.
After I struggled with the scrubber for a while, Daddy gave me my own sponge to use. It was big and green.
I was very focused and took my task of washing the car very seriously.
Gotta get that grill clean, too.
Finally, after much washing and lots of bubbles, it was time for one last rinse. I had to stand on a stool for this one.
Daddy says no car washing would be complete without a little bubble stomping. I got right to it! Boy, car washing sure is fun!
Here's the finished product: one nice clean car! When Mommy and I went inside for a snack, I told her that I was the best car wash helper to Daddy. She completely agreed. Hey, Daddy, let's dirty up Mommy's car so we can wash it next weekend!

So I guess I can now cross car washing off my list of things to learn. I think I'll learn to juggle knives next...a boy can dream.


Meg said...

I think you did a masterful job, Noah! I might just wash my car if I had all the right tools like Daddy!

Allison said...

Well done, Noah!! Looks like you can take over next time. Well, almost. About the knives though... you might want to hold off on that dream for a while. And especially don't try it around your baby sister!
BTW, totally adorable face in that rearview mirror!!

Mimi said...

You did a great job, Noah! Mimi and Pop Pop will be up with our cars next time. We will pay you in kisses and hugs!

Love you!