Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grumpy the Dog

My Auntie Nora came down to Woodland Hills from Los Gatos to visit us on Saturday. And guess what? She brought her new puppy, Grumpy, with her. Aaron was visiting friends in Santa Cruz so Grumpy came with Auntie Nora. He's pretty cute, right?
Well from my perspective, Grumpy was only cute from afar. For those of you who don't remember, I kinda don't like animals. So of course, as soon as I got anywhere near Grumpy, I panicked and cried. Mommy and Daddy said he was very sweet and soft. I'll take their word for it.
Grumpy had a ball playing in Tutu and Sir's backyard. He had not played on grass before and loved it. He also loved munching on pine cones. Silly puppy!

Auntie Nora even took Grumpy for a swim in the pool. He did pretty well for a little guy! We all cheered him on.
The best part of the day was when Cousin Ella arrived. We hadn't seen each other since our zoo day so we had a blast catching up, being silly and running all over the yard.

There's nothing like playing with your little cousin, I tell you. We are such pals!

So even though I did not pet Grumpy, I sure had fun visiting with family, especially Auntie Nora. There's always next time, Grumpy!

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