Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pop-Pop and Jack!

Yesterday, we finally got both of our October birthday boys together to celebrate their big days. Jack turned 4 on October 15 and Pop-Pop turned a bit more than 4 on October 17.

Jack and I spent the afternoon having lots of fun. We played Angry Birds and decorated Halloween pictures on Daddy's iPad.

We wore goofy noses that Mimi gave us.
And we wore silly dinosaur hats from Great-Grammy.

But the best part of the afternoon was the cupcakes! Pop-Pop and Jack got ready to blow out their candles.

And I got a candle, too! Cool!

Hope you both made some big wishes!

And boy were those homemade cupcakes delicious! Thanks, Mimi!

So happy belated birthday, Jack and Pop-Pop! Can't wait for my own birthday...only two months away!


Allison said...

Looks like the fun was worth the wait! I think there is a chance you can make that icing on your face last until your birthday too, Noah! Just lick a little at a time...

Meg said...

WOW Noah! I love that picture you got of Jack eyeing Pop-Pop's candle technique! That was so fun that you got to share their birthdays with a candle...what special friends you and Jack are!

Jenn said...

That is a great shot of Jack and Pop. Love it!

Mimi said...

These are all fabulous photos! I hope I will see one or two on my annual calendar(s)- hint hint!