Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Parade

On Friday, the magic of Halloween began with a bang! My school held it's annual Halloween parade and potluck and the preschool class was ready and looking mighty fine in our costumes. I was my favorite character: Buzz Lightyear. Here we all are with our teacher, Ms. Leslie, right before the parade began.
Look how cute we all look. We even practiced our marching techniques and everything. We were pumped!

We had to wait for all the younger kids to make their entrance but finally it was our turn.

There I am! I look a bit confused but I followed the crowd...

...And made my way to the front stage with my friends.

Here I am with my two best friends, Maggie and Gregory. What a bunch of cuties! By the way, Ms. Leslie told us to hold hands during the parade and we didn't know when to stop. It was pretty adorable.

Mommy and Daddy were both on hand for the parade this year.

And of course all my grandparents wouldn't have missed my parade for anything. I think Tutu, Mimi, Pop-Pop and Great-Grammy had more fun than us kiddos.

One last photo of me in my Buzz costume. I was so proud. To infinity and beyond!

So Notre Dame School sure did put on a super awesome parade, huh? I can't wait until Halloween night...more fun to come!

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Meg said...

you look MAHHHVELOUS!! I bet all the kids, er toys, were happy to have you there!!